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September 30, 2013

September 2013

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The residents at PG are doing about their usual.  We see a gradual decline in each one, but that’s why they’re here!  Esther turned 98 in September, and Jean turned 90.  Now 6 of our 10 residents are in their 90s.

Esther turns 98Jean turns 90

Lyle Waldo, who’s in the work in Oregon, spent a week here with his “little” brother Don.  He was at PG a few days while Don worked.  Lyle worked with us for 2+ years in the late 90’s, so it was good to have him visit again.  The first picture below is of Don and Lyle.  The second is of Josh and Patty Maki visiting with Patty’s mom, Frances McPherson, one of our residents.


We had two to re-profess in September, Josh Maki and Salena Thorburn.  Salena works at PG part-time now, as she is a full-time student at Texas A&M.  The first picture below is of Jason Munckton and Josh the day Josh re-professed.  The second is of Salena and Kenny the day Salena re-professed.

Jason and JoshSalena and Kenny

Andrea, one of our new staff, has twins who are 2 1/2 years old.  Here’s a picture of them with our twins, Maren and Maven.  Though it’s not obvious from this picture, they did enjoy playing together!  The second picture is of the “Frankolator”, Frank Porter, one of our previous residents, in the nursing home in Florida.  Though Frank can’t remember much, its good he retains his sense of humor.

2 sets of twinsFrank Porter

We’ve had a lot of activity at our deer feeder since we set it up again in early September.  The following 4 pictures are taken with a motion sensitive camera which looks at the feeder.  As you can see, we have more than deer who enjoy the corn.

4 does Wild hogs Buck Coons

The wild hogs dig around the pecan trees in some places.  It’s amazing… it looks like someone plowed the soil.  It doesn’t harm the trees, but today I acquired a wild hog trap… so we may have some “free” pork!  We’ll let you know how that goes next month.  The first picture shows how the hogs plowed up the ground.  The second shows that we figured out how to be smarter than the crows!  A crow eats about 1 lb of pecans per day.  There are 57 in this picture that won’t be eating any more.  There are probably a few hundred more we need to get rid of… but we now know how.  I offered pecan-fed crows to the cooks at the residence, but no one was interested!

Plowed by hogsCrows

The first type of paper shell pecans, called Pawnee’s, were harvested in the last few days.  The pictures below show pecans still in the green husks, and then cleaning pecans after they are harvested.  We’re using a harvester this year instead of tarps, and it’s a lot less work.  For a detailed explanation of the pecan harvesting process (using tarps) see the October 2012 post, half way down.  We’ll be harvesting the 4 other types of pecans in October (just in time for our conventions!).  Hopefully I’ll have some pictures showing how a harvester picks up pecans from the ground, instead of using tarps.

PecansCleaning pecans








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