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November 30, 2018

November 2018

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November has been a busy month.  Alice flew to Minnesota and visited relatives for 2 weeks.  Elton flew to PA for Roger’s burial.  Marybell fell, broke some ribs, and spent 1 night in the hospital.  We had lots of visitors and too much food!  Lots to be thankful for!

Yesterday we took the following picture which includes all 8 residents, along with David and Lois Lancaster who are visiting from Maine, and Ana Laura Olivares who is visiting from Mexico.

Back: Salena Newman, Kathy Newman, John Culver, Gilbert Reese, Elton Cleveland, David Lancaster, Jack Newman

Front: Fern Duncan, Alice Oetkin, Ana Laura, Lois Culver, Lois Lancaster, Marybelle Armstrong

We had a large group for Thanksgiving dinner.  Here’s the table from both ends:

Our sisters are back, Sarah Ranstrom and Rachel Potter.  The second picture is of them with visitors, Sarah, Martha Reynosa, Ana Laura Olivares, Maria Reynoso, Merari Reynoso and Merari’s son Benjamin, Rachel and Alice.

As mentioned, Elton went to PA for Roger’s burial.  Some have asked about how Clinton in doing in the nursing home here in Conroe.  He’s rarely out of bed, so here’s a picture in bed, reading his mail.  His mind is clear about the past, even the recent past, but he seems to know nothing about the present.  Here he as reading a letter from Ray, and he asked if Ray had been to Sam’s funeral. That’s pretty recent!

Fern had a visit from fellow Canadians, the Richard, Roger and Betty Egger from Ontario.  The Cortez family from Round Rock came for  visit, Ruben, Lori Cortez, Mason, Chase, Madelynne.  Ty Nordic’s parents Gary and Sharon visited from Colorado.

Kathy and I had a business trip to Moscow and Aberdeen.  I’ll include one picture from each.  Some may know Steve and Linda Shannon, and Alex Main.




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