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July 31, 2012

July 2012

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All at PG are doing well.  We’ve had many visitors in July.  Visitors are certainly appreciated!  The following pictures show Eldon, Ruth, Pam and John Badertscher with Esther Potts.  The second picture shows the same group visiting with the residents.

Sharon Morgan and Carrie Franks came to visit Dale and Patty Maki.  Patty brought them to PG for a visit.  Ralph and Dee Hart came back again, shown here with Evelyn Wilson.

Doug, Elaine, Karen and David Beaman visited as well as Jon and Mae Nelson.  Jon helped with the construction of PG… good to have them back.

Ron and Anna Furrow (the other grandparents) visited with our 2 twin granddaughters, Maren and Maven Furrow.  Frank Porter had his 73rd birthday.

On July 4th some of the kids did a fireworks show for the residents.  The picture shows them sitting on the back porch ready to watch the show.  Early in July we had a lot of rain and a problem with the lake overflow, so the lake level was too high.

Recently it seems there is always a Naomi story.  She insists we get her some bug tapes, like the ones you usually see hanging in the cook house to catch flies.  She hangs them outside her window (bug tapes are meant to be used indoors), and then is very impressed by the number of bugs she catches!  We have tried to explain to her that she now lives in one of the bug capitals of the world!

I’m writing this blog update from Rosh Pina, Israel (just north of the Sea of Galilee).  Kathy and I arrived in Israel July 18th, and will be leaving tonight for Montenegro for a few days to visit the McSpaddens, and then on the France for the convention.  Some of you have been getting my messages about Israel and are probably tired of hearing about it.  For those who haven’t, here’s 2 pictures.  The first is of Jerusalem taken from the Mount of Olives.  The second is of a Saturday evening bible study in Haifa.

We’ve had wonderful days here, touring Israel, understanding a little better the history and context in which Jesus lived, and enjoying sweet fellowship.  Israel has been much more enjoyable than we ever expected!





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