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July 31, 2015

July 2015

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Betty returned from the hospital to PG at the end of June with Joyce helping her nearly 24/7, hospice coming several times a week, and several friends helping when needed.  She has declined tremendously… we certainly didn’t think she would live this long.  We’re learning more about the dying process… it is a process, and only God knows the final timing.  It isn’t an easy process, but we’re glad for the peace we feel as we see the peace she has.  We’ve had many visitors this month, many of which came to see Betty.

Here’s a picture of Betty in better days, her sister Patsy and family, the Glenda (Joyce’s co-worker) and the Poages… with Joyce.

BettyLee familyJoyce and GlendaPoages with Joyce

LaNell came to help with Betty for a few days.  Here she’s with her old friends Doris and Teresa.  Rocio and Celia visited, here with Samuel, Conchita and Joyce.  Herbie and Patty Barnett visited, here with Terry, Kim and Abigail Hoffman (who live on the farm), and Chip and Amy Leighton visited.  Finally, Mireille cutting Raymond s hair

Doris, LaNell, TeresaRocio and Celia visit Herbie, Patty and HoffmansAmy, Joyce, ChipMireille and Raymond

Jeannette continues to receive therapy in the same nursing home as Roger Cleveland.  At one point we had lost hope that she’d be able to return to PG… but she is making slow progress, and that hope is returning.  We brought her to PG for her 78th birthday.  The first picture below is in the nursing home.  Jeannette was using the microphone to communicate with Roger.  The other 3 pictures are at PG, with cake, with Esther and then with Elton and Jack.

Jeannette, Kathy, Elton, RogerJeannettes 78thEsther and JeannetteElton, Jeannette, Jack

Kathy and I had lunch at Red Bud Canyon this month.  Here’s a picture of the group that was there at the time.

Red Bud group

Philip Farris made a good suggestion… In the upper right corner of this blog there are now two “pages” added with the current and previous residents of PG listed.  I’ll try to keep these lists up to date.


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