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June 30, 2021

June 2021

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In relation to our previous mid June post, Gilbert is doing about the same in the nursing home.  He is content, thankful, and always says he is receiving better care than he deserves.  Marybelle has declined significantly in the personal care home.  Clarence Roachell was taken from the hospital by his family back to his garage apartment in Livingston where some of us had gone to meeting for years.  He passed away June 25th.  His 5 children were able to be with him there, which was sweet. Although on oxygen and weak, his mind was clear. Here is a photo of his family gathered around his bed.

Unfortunately, we had to take Lois Culver into the hospital again today.  She became dizzy and unable to walk.  This has happened before and she managed to improve and return to PG.  Hopefully that will be the case this time.

Going back to the beginning of the month, we have had a myriad of different visitors and activities. Della was visited by her children and  nephews.  It was a family reunion, Pecan Grove Style! Here are some pictures of her with her two nephews and their wives: Charles and Angela Strong, and Ron and Karen Strong. Next is a picture of her with her three daughters: Henrietta, Della Mae, and Chris. Finally a picture of the whole family, minus Chris.

Recently, Brian and Rich have been holding small Wednesday afternoon gospel meetings at PG. Mostly attended by those of us out here at PG and a few of the local friends. It was Rich’s idea that one of the workers would speak in Spanish for Anita’s sake. He had been asking one of our Spanish speaking residents (Marilynn and Ronald) to have this part in the meetings. They had thought to end the meetings because it was time for Rich to go to Hotchkiss convention. But, we received word that a visiting brother worker from California, Jon Wright, would be in the area. He came in one day later with his friend Loren Smit from Texarkana. That allowed us to have half Spanish meeting on that Thursday instead. Here are a few photos of Jon, Loren, and a few residents.  We had another half Spanish gospel meeting today (June 30).  Emma Perez helped the brothers.

Elton had the pleasure of being taken out by a few of his dear friends: Ed Lloyd, Jim Eubank, and Al Perkins.

Several of our Spanish friends came with Emma Perez for a visit. The Saldana Family: Eloisa, Emiliano, and Emmanuel. As well as another couple of friends Luisa Contreras and Ana Lidia Munoz.

We were also joined for a few days by two sisters from Kentucky, Anna and Alda Blackemore. They knew Esther well from her time spent in their field. Alda informed us that it was her 69th birthday! And that she had chosen to spend it with us. How nice it is to be thought of as a birthday hotspot!

Before Marybelle left us she had some kind of malfunction with her left hand. We are not quite sure if it was a partial stroke but her hand became curled up and very weak, to the point of non use. Here she is getting an in house x-ray done to find out the issue. Unfortunately, due to her constant drowsiness and failing legs we feel as though taking her to meeting on Sundays may no longer be an option.

Thankfully there are many here who love her, so she gets visits and fellowship regularly.

Gilbert had been quite clear when someone visits. He has short term memory trouble, but he recognized Elton and asked him if he was going to play the piano! (which he did)

Lastly, today was Clarence’s funeral in La Porte, TX.  We had a memorial for him at Pecan Grove yesterday. His son-in-law, Mike Krengle, had the idea of asking some to share their memories of Clarence. Several took part and it was a touching memorial. Here are a few pictures from yesterday.

Here’s a link to notes from the memorial service:  Memorial Service at Pecan Grove for Clarence Roachell

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June 13, 2021

Mid June 2021

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A lot has happened already in June with 3 residents not being at PG now.

Gilbert’s dementia has gotten a lot worse and was making it difficult for the staff.  He had some infection issues, so was taken to the hospital.  Once the infections were dealt with, he was moved to the Park Manor nursing home in Conroe.  Unfortunately he was put into a isolation wing because of covid.  Once they understood he was vaccinated, the said they would take him out of isolation, but they don’t have a room!  So… hopefully this week he will be moved to the “clear” section of the nursing home.  In the mean time only Wayne Overby and myself can visit him.  Here’s a picture of him a few days ago in the isolation room.

Today he was telling me how wonderful his care was, and how fortunate he was at his age (97) to be taken care of so well!  His mind seemed a little clearer… he wanted to be remembered to some at PG.  Other times we’ve visited he had no idea where he was.

Marybelle has been getting worse gradually for a long time.  It finally came to the point where she couldn’t transfer from the bed to the wheelchair as well, and was ending up on the floor sometimes.  Her needs were beyond what we could continue to meet.  Hospice searched for a nursing home, and found a personal care home in Conroe called the Tuscany House.  We looked at it and realized it wasn’t the quality of Pecan Grove, but it sure was better than a nursing home!  So we took Marybelle there.  This morning we brought her to the Opel’s meeting in Conroe where we now go.  Here are pictures of her leaving PG, with the residents and staff that were present gathered around her.  Then a picture of her, dad and Salena at the Opel’s this morning after meeting.

I took her back to the Tuscany house and took this picture of her with the man that runs the house, and of her room, which is nearly as large as the room she had at PG.

Sadly, she’s not a happy camper.  But this morning it was clear that our decision was correct… she is far beyond what we can care for.

If anyone wants to send mail to Marybelle or Gilbert, please send it to Pecan Grove, and we’ll get it to them.

Lastly, Clarence went to the hospital Friday because of blood in his urine.  He was moved yesterday to a different, rehab hospital.  They haven’t found the cause of the problem yet, but Clarence is doing well.  Here’s a picture of him today:

He still has his humor, and his mind is fairly clear (his short term memory has been bad for a long time).  He understands why he is in the hospital and isn’t complaining.  Hopefully they resolve the problem and he’ll be able to return to PG.

We’ve had several visitors already… lots to report, but will leave that till the real blog update at the end of June.



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