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April 30, 2015

April 2015

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What a terrible and wonderful month!  As most of you know, mom (Leona) died April 15th as a result of the same car accident that killed Bea at the end of last month (see last month’s post).  Bea’s funeral was April 4th, and mom’s was April 18th.  Bea’s funeral was held at PG.  Doug Murray and Jennifer Bartels had the funeral. There was a pot luck afterward.  I’ve sent notes to the email list, so will only include some photos now.  We set up about 150 chairs.  There were flowers and a picture of Bea on the mantel.  Bea’s granddaughter Donna, daughter Mary and Mary’s husband Clarence are shown holding flowers on the porch.  The last picture is of some of the group at the pot luck.

Set up for Bea's funeralBea's flowersBea's familyPot luck after funeral

We thought mom was going to live.  She was in ICU because of the stroke (which caused the accident) and brain injury (caused by the accident), but her mind was clear, she could talk some, and was improving.  Then pneumonia set in.  They put her on a ventilator to treat the pneumonia for several days, and when they removed the ventilator she wasn’t able to breathe on her own.  There were 7 of us with her when she died, talking to her and singing hymns.  She seemed unresponsive but thanks to the ICU monitors we could see her pulse change when we spoke to her or sang… so we know she heard us.  It was a moving, terrible/wonderful experience.  We’re glad for the strong conviction that she’s better off, and where she wants to be now.  Again, I’ve sent notes already, so will include pictures.  The first is of mom and dad, and the second of the family at mom’s 82nd birthday (she was 83 when she died).

Mom and DadMom's birthday

Joyce Lawrence and Audrey Fuller (mom’s cousin) had the funeral at a funeral home in Willis.  Again we had a pot luck at PG.  Then Pat Johnson (Kathy’s sister) prayed and spoke at the cemetery in Huntsville.  Here’s a picture of Joyce and Audrey, then another of all the workers that were there, Talus, Jorge, Doug, Audrey, Pat and Joyce.

Joyce, AudreyTalus, Jorge, Doug, Audrey, Pat, Joyce

We’ve had so many visitors, cards, messages… wonderful words of encouragement, that have helped make this terrible month a wonderful month.  We have so much to be thankful for.

Mom’s brother Lynn and Florence Fuller came to seem mom in the hospital, and were at Bea’s funeral.  Here they’re shown with Leah.  LeRoy came twice to visit Raymond, as he went to and from PA special meetings.

Florence, Leah, LynnLeRoy and Raymond

Jeff Chenault and David Cleveland came to visit Elton, arriving just in time for mom’s funeral.  They stayed a week and helped out at PG.  The second picture is of David with his uncle Roger at the nursing home in Conroe.

Jeff, Elton, DavidDavid with Roger

Georgia Aarestad, Ginny and Perry Welch came to visit Naomi.  This evening Paul, Cheryl and Pierce Olson are visiting Jeannette… Leah just sent me this photo of them with most of the residents (Raymond and Esther must have gone to bed), also dad, Joyce and Martha.

Naomi, Georgia, Ginny and PerryOlsons

Finally, a picture of our current residents and dad.

Back: Elton, Leah, Betty, Teresa, Raymond, Dad

Front: Naomi, Jean, Doris, Jeannette and Esther

Residents and dad

We’re so glad Leah Bolt has decided to stay on as a resident!  She’ll be returning to PA to sell her house etc… and coming back, maybe after Newry.



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