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December 5, 2011

November 2011

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All the residents at Pecan Grove are doing well.  Frank’s memory is getting worse, but he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.  They’ve had numerous outings in the bus to gospel meetings, union meetings, and Wal-Mart.  Taking them to Wal-Mart is humorous, like herding cats!  The bus is used on Sunday mornings now to take them about 400 yards to Terry and Kim Hoffman’s.

Our family had some wonderful news in November.  Our daughter Karla and Brenda Furrow are expecting identical twins in May!  We’re glad our workers are back after conventions. This year they are Sharon Wahlin and Jennifer Downs.  They’re having meetings on Tuesday nights in Conroe.

We’ve had many priviledges at Pecan Grove in November, with many visitors.  The following are Betty’s family including her daughter Joyce and her companion Ruthie.  The second photo shows the Johnsons and the Eggers from New York who visited Naomi.

The Bells from Australia shown here with my brother Brent and his wife Ann.  Some of our snowbirds, the Hincklys from Minnesota have returned.

All of the residents (as well as about 20 other friends) went to a school choir concert which one of our young friends, MacKensey Hammer, participated.  She’s just to the left of the podium in this photo.  The water is still down about 8 ft in Lake Conroe.  We can take the boat to restaurants, but climbing from the boat to the pier is difficult, even for Kenny who is 6’5″!  We had about 2 inches of rain in November, for which we’re grateful.


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