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August 31, 2023

August 2023

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August has flown by and has been just as eventful as our previous months. We had one major birthday this month: Fern turned 93! Fern always enjoys visits from the residents, as you can tell by her smile here with Esther, and again with Ronald who must have hit her funny bone.

Unfortunately Fern had a spell with her blood pressure the same day 12 0f us intended to go celebrate her birthday with her. After admitting her to the ER they found that she had an infection. Salena went to visit her and brought her a birthday cupcake which she enjoyed. All of the residents enjoyed them too, and sang happy birthday for her which Salena filmed and showed to her at the hospital. Here are her cupcakes as well as her enjoying them and reading her birthday mail.

Pearl Bailey and Linda Wilkins came to see Fern in the morning and were able to have a good visit with her before her spell that sent her to the hospital. Here they are at Pecan Grove on their way to see Fern.

Pearl Bailey and Linda Wilkins

We always enjoy our visitors, especially those who like to laugh. Russ and Judy Rosehill came for a visit with their friends and travel companions Frank and Edie DeVito. Here they are catching up before supper, as well as listening to Elton play a few tunes. Mimi knows them well and joined us for supper, which they so helpfully provided!


Unfortunately the Covid scare that started in July continued in August. We took all the necessary precautions and are happy to say that no one became very sick and everyone is now healthy and together again.

Gwen Farmer

Gwen was one of the first ones to test positive for covid upon her arrival here at PG from Happy. Fortunately, she was asymptomatic and did well throughout that time.

Gwen is our newest resident and has taken to the PG life very well. She still has her mind and wants to use it. That is why she has taken up puzzle making alongside Elsie. They spend quite a lot of time and effort on their puzzles and are very proficient at putting them together quickly. Elsie enjoys the company. Here they are working away on a hard puzzle that Mona Reese gave them, and then beaming next to the completed product.

Gwen is quite the social one, happy to talk with anyone. She accompanied the Overbys and Ronald to visit Gilbert. Here they are together during their visit.

Elton Cleveland

Elton was another resident that got Covid during the scare. He was extra tired, had a fever for a few days, but no other symptoms.

Elton asked me to show the story of the time his son, David, and our friend Slade Nordic repaired the stairs to the bunkhouse. This took place a while ago but he had the pictures that he took of them and wanted all to see. Here they are building them together, and then last the finished stairs.

Finally, Elton wanted to show everyone, especially his daughter Karen, that he was Covid free and looking good again. Here he is posing for Salena in the entryway and again entertaining the guests.

Ronald Elliott

Ronald did not get covid and was ok throughout lockdown. He has been a little unsteady on his feet and gave us more than one fright. So far so good, except he has taken to going “offroad” with his walker. Here he is making Fern laugh and again with Gilbert, then at the bridge feeding the fish, and finally enjoying his visit with frequent visitors Jeff and Patricia Oliver.

Alice Oetken

Alice was one of the last ones to get Covid. She slept a lot and had a cough for a week or so. She has fully recovered and has been coming out to talk with staff and residents like usual. She has some trouble with swallowing and has had speech therapy to try and counter this, but she is a trooper and just takes her food to her room to eat at her own speed. Here she is with Joyce and Gwen after bible study, and a fine picture of her cat Kitty Kitty.

Marilynn Frye

Marilynn was among the first to test positive for Covid after her return from Happy. She had a tough go of it, but recovered just in time for her bladder surgery (poor dear cannot catch a break). She was told by the doctor that about 50% of her bladder was full of tumors. They removed all of them and sent her home. Her recovery has been rather impressive, as she still comes out for meals, goes to meeting, and tends to her plants like usual. Here she is after one of her appointments having a savory favorite Pho.

Pho always puts a smile on ones face

Joyce Nabor

Joyce was also one of the few to get Covid a little later than the rest. Like Alice she was mostly just tired with some congestion. She did not take to isolation well and continued to be subdued for days after her recovery. She has returned back to normal and is back to feeding the fish and helping in the kitchen. Here she is with our guests the Rosehill’s and Devito’s, as well as Marie and Marilynn. Lastly, here is a picture of Esther and Joyce feeding the fish.

Esther Duncan

Esther did not get Covid and was okay throughout lockdown. She is on convention rounds in Tennessee and Kentucky. Here she is visiting Fern and bringing her some mail.

Esther with Fern bringing her mail

Marie Mounce

Marie was also one of the first to get covid, which like the others was mostly tiredness for her. She has been struggling with congestive heart failure and shortness of breath. As was mentioned last month, she had to be admitted to the hospital for dangerously high blood pressure. They found that she had an 80% blockage of one of her arteries, and that she needed a stent. The surgery went well and her recovery also, but she still has a hard time with her blood pressure spiking throughout the day. The staff has been vigilantly watching her blood pressure, taking measurements multiple times a day and administering medication as needed. She still likes to help in the kitchen and bake muffins, so she is not slowing down! Here she is in a new dress that Mona Reese bought with her.

Louis and Elsie Schroder

Louis and Elsie are doing well, they did not get Covid throughout lockdown. All of their family are coming soon for a grand celebration: Louis turns 100! and they celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary. Stay tuned next month for the story! Here they are together at the breakfast table.

Going on 70 years together

We look forward to bringing you more updates. Thank you for your interest in us here at Pecan Grove.

Kenny, Salena & Ken

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