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November 27, 2009

Fellowship, Food and Fun

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Unfortunately Crystal’s health degraded to the point we were no longer to keep her at PG.  Her relatives took her to their home for a week or so, and then her health got much worse.  She was in ICU for awhile and is now in an intermediate care facility.  We hope her health improves!

Betty Lawrence came to PG for a week and plans to come back full time at the end of December, so we’ll have 6 residents again, once Betty comes back.  The following picture is of Betty and her daughter Joyce.


Sharon and Jennifer started meetings on Sunday afternoons.  Andrea was back for a visit last Sunday, before heading to the Mediterranean.

The beavers are back!  They dug a big hole in the bank under our trail.  Then the trail collapsed. Here’s a new beaver dam.

Brent turned 50!

Thanksgiving was wonderful!  31 of us, including 6 workers, 5 residents and many of the Newman clan.  Jennifer turned 29 and her parents showed up as a surprise.

The new equipment shed is nearly finished.

The first Cormorant Engineering pump should ship on Monday! The first picture below shows the downhole pump laid out horizontally, pumping water.  The second picture shows two of the surface hydraulic systems that drive the downhole pump.   We’ve celebrated a little early!


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