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March 31, 2023

March 2023

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March has been eventful. The first day of March we had several visitors. The visitors in the picture below from back left were Silas Gartin, Leland Broughton, Rich Raschke, Karen Cleveland, Jon Peterson and Sue Dawson.

Sadly, after nearly 4 years with us, Della Bolt had to be moved from our care to an assisted living facility, The Orchard, near her daughter Della Mae in Woodville TX. She had steadily been going down over the course of last year, and was increasingly getting her nights and days mixed up. This all culminated in a very bad fall where she broke her right wrist. She was admitted to the hospital the next day, where she was fitted with a pacemaker before they could operate on the wrist. Her wrist is now in a cast, and is being supported by 4 metal plates. She has recovered well from the ordeal and is now resting comfortably at The Orchard. Della Mae is in to see her nearly everyday and reports that she is happy and content, which makes us happy! Here she is resting up at her new accommodations and in the last morning study at PG.

The first big birthday this month was our very own manager Salena, who turned 30! Abigail went all out to make an amazing lavender cake, complete with dried lavender for the table. Here is Salena displaying her fragrant prize, Statue of Liberty style!

Next we have Esther, who turned 89 this year. It seems that great minds must think alike because she received no less than 4 flower deliveries and potted flowers as beautiful gifts. She was quite touched by all the love she was shown, and said that she will be quite busy with responding to all of her cards! Here she is with her flowers and cake.

We’ve had a wonderful first at PG. Clarence’s headaches from his brain tumor have continued to lessen, to the point he was able to go back in the work! He’s now in this north Houston field with Rich Raschke and currently having gospel meetings here on Sunday afternoons. They returned to celebrate his 82nd birthday with us. Most are aware that Clarence loves coffee and cayenne pepper, so Abigail made him a pepper birthday cake.

Here are several other visitors from March.

Karen Cleveland has been temporarily in the south Houston field this month and able to visit her dad often. Since Karen has been here we have more candid photos of the residents and staff.

We have had some gorgeous weather here and spring is in full bloom! All these pictures were taken at PG.

Thanks for your interest in us here!

Kenny and Ken

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