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July 31, 2018

July 2018

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The current residents at Pecan Grove are:  (back) Elton Cleveland, Gilbert Reese, John Culver, Jack Newman, (front) Fern Duncan, Alice Oetken, Lois Culver, Marybelle Armstrong.

Our staff includes the 4 girls below, Chanda, Jocelyn, Jennifer and Salena (the manager).  Lety Valdez has worked at PG but is now busy with 2 kids.  Marcos is working on the farm now.  Residence staff not shown are Penny and Abigail.

Chuck Buchanan is doing some work for us, shown here with Salena.  Mimi Mille cuts hair… here she’s cutting Gilberts.

John decided we neede a fried chicken dinner.  We had it for our July 4th celebration, which actually happened July 7th.  Everyone living on the farm came.  We had a sing afterward, waiting for it to get dark, and then enjoyed some fireworks.

Joan Hinkley had a birthday.  Duane and Joan live near PG now, but are trying to sell their place.  They had a pot luck which most of the residents attended.

Visitors in July included Pearl, Pauline and Alma who visited Fern.  Lyle and Roberta Overby visited Wayne and Dawn, and had good visits with Gilbert.  Our grandchildren played house under one of the tables.

Alice was able to go to Happy for convention.  Before she went her niece Carol and Mike Martin from OK visited with their granddaughter Kayden.  After Happy Chuck Bunger brought Tsutomu Miyata from Japan for a visit.

The Hoda family from Fosters, Alabama, and the Bryant family from Louisiana visited.

We’ve enjoyed sweet fresh figs at PG.  Unfortunately they don’t keep very long.

Kathy and I are currently in Brittany, France, enjoying cool weather and looking forward to the French convention this weekend.  Kristina Roudiy came to visit us today.


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