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March 31, 2017

March 2017

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In March 2015 Don Lewis came back to meetings, and has been with us a lot since.  He and Clarence became close friends and were often together.  March 9th he drove himself to the VA hospital in Houston with heart problems, and passed away on March 14.  He was 83.  Here’s a picture of  Clarence and Don taken last August.  The second picture taken this month is of Don and Clarence listening to Regi who had just tuned the piano.  We really miss his visits and friendship.

At the March 1st Wed night study at Milles is shown below.  Rachel and Marsha were with us.  The second picture is of Blair and Debbie Hoseth with Marybelle.

Ronda brought Joyce for a visit.  Joyce stayed a few days with her good friend Marybelle.

Ruth’s sisters Martha (and husband Hubert) and Elizabeth came for a visit.  Marsha and Sarah are together here while Jennifer is away at special meetings.

Byron and Debi Potter visited, shown here with a group of us, and then Byron with Nordic’s wolf Zeus.

The Printzs and Kolps visited.  Elton visits his brother Roger in the nursing home once a week.

There were 5 birthdays in March.  Troy and Mireille (Mimi), Samuel, Salena and John.  The cakes tell the ages :).

A pecan farmer from 30 miles away came to graft some pecan trees for us.  We tried doing it ourselves last year and weren’t successful.  Here’s Nick with a piece of graft wood he’s carving.  He grafted 2 pieces of Kiowa paper shell pecans into this stump which is a wild pecan tree.  Hopefully at least one of these two grafts will take.  We’ll cut the other off and let the new one grow.  Since the roots are well established the tree should grow very fast.



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