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July 31, 2019

July 2019

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July has been a busy month.  Alice and Ronald went with us to Happy.  Fern is at Milford and will be at Altamont.  Gilbert hasn’t been feeling well, but otherwise all 10 residents are doing their usual.

We had our July 4th on the evening of the 3rd. Here’s the group watching fireworks, and Joan Hinkley helping Marybell roast a marshmallow.

Kathy’s cousin Lori Morgan (59), who lived 50 miles from here, passed away a few months ago. A memorial service was held for her her at PG on July 6th.  Her brother, Troy and Linda Morgan and their children Amenah and Justice came from Maryland.  Several other cousins came from Arizona.  Most have eastern Montana roots.  Kathy’s sisters, Pat Johnson (Iowa), and Kim Schneider (MN) came.  The second picture is of the cousins and 2 aunts, Jane (Morsted) Jacobsen and Marjorie Williamson.  The third picture is of the cousins and their spouses. The fourth picture is of our family, 3 children with spouses and 6 grandchildren.

Joe and Jean Epps from Alabama came to visit Fern with Pearl Bailey.  Here they’re with Troy Morgan and family from Maryland.  Not long after their visit here, Joe Epps had a stroke and passed away suddenly.  The second picture is of Della with her niece Mary Holland from San Angelo.

We had 2 sings in July.  One after union meeting and one at Patty Maki’s last Sunday.  Elton played the piano at both.

Elton’s son David Cleveland from PA and David’s daughter Leah and Darron Griffin from GA were here to visit Elton.  Rick and Ann Overby were here to visit Wayne and Dawn, and the residents.

My sister Ronda came to spend some time with Dad, and Salena’s mother and aunt, Diane and Doris, came to see Salena.  The third picture includes our son Kenny (Salena’s husband).  Salena is the manager at PG.  The 4th picture is of Mimi Mille with the 5 residents she cuts hair for, John, Ronald, Elton, Gilbert and Jack.

Calvin and Nedda Penland visited from Missouri.  Samuel and Conchita Valdez came back for a visit with Samuel’s brother Noe and Magdalina Valdez.  Aaron and Laura McGee visited with children Decland and Norah.

Two final pictures… one of the young folks at Happy.  The second reminds us of the famous words… Houston, the eagle has landed!  This eagle was carved in the stump of a huge oak tree in May 2014.  The 3rd picture is from that time.  It rotted from the inside out… and finally crashed.


June 30, 2019

June 2019

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The 10 residents at PG are doing well.  Marybelle had a bad fall on the back patio, cutting her forehead and getting a big black eye.  She’s recovering well.  Our 2 new residents, Della Bolt and Ronald Elliott are fitting in very well… it’s good to have them here.

Cheryl Hutchinson came from Washington state to see her dad, Elton Cleveland.  Here they are together and then at lunch with Kathy and myself.

Chris Newman brought Alex and Leah for a visit.  We had a sing while they were here.  Della’s daughter Chris Gerstenberger visited with 2 granddaughters.

The Hawkins family visited from Fort Worth.  Chris and Jo Ellen Hertz visited from La Vernia, TX.  Susan Russell, Linda Boelter and Irene Simpson visited from Missouri.

There have been staff changes at the residence.  The first picture below shows Penny Clinton, Jaida Klor, Jennifer Maddoux, Salena Newman and Rylie Vybiral.  Jennifer is still dealing with the broken ankle mentioned last month.  She has changed her mind, and isn’t currently planning on leaving Pecan Grove.  She turned 39 this month.  Jaida took this semester off school to work, but is leaving.  Rylie was here on a temporary basis.  Ben Ennis (shown with Jennifer) is moving down from Hurst, TX, and starting full-time work.  Abigail Hoffman isn’t in these pictures, but is still working part-time.



May 31, 2019

May 2019

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Today, the last day of May, Lyle and Brad brought Ronald Elliott to join us as the 10th resident at PG.  The group picture shows Lyle and Brad with the 10 residents.  Della, Lois, Marybelle, Alice and Fern are in front.  Lyle, Elton, Gilbert, John, Ronald, Jack and Brad are in the back.

Catherine, Dominique’s cousin was here for the first week in May.  Here she’s with Kathy, Dominique and Mimi.  Jaida Klor has been working at PG for several months, living in our bunk house.  Here she is with her family, Malachi, Kim, Saige, Jaida and Scott.

William and Chris Williams from PA visited, here with Elton.  Also Gerry and Margaret Gunderson from CT.

Lilly and Courtney Eversley visited Fern, and the Bob and Esther Sutton visited.

Della received a beautiful bouquet on Mother’s day.  Wayne and Dawn Overby took Elton to his favorite restaurant.

Unfortunately one of our full-time staff, Jennifer Maddoux, fell off a 4 wheeler and broke her ankle in 2 places.  She’s having surgery today… but probably won’t be able to work for a while.  Then she’s considering moving to Oklahoma.  Jaida Klor is leaving at the end of June to get ready for college.  So… we’re looking for staff, full-time or part-time, to work at the residence.  If anyone knows someone… please let us know.


April 30, 2019

April 2019

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April has been a beautiful, busy month!  A new resident, Della Bolt moved in to PG.  Della (86) raised 4 girls in Brunswick GA (Darlene, Christine, Henrietta and Della Mae,  in Brunswick GA) outlived 3 husbands, and spent the last 30 years living near Houston.  Her last husband, Guy Bolt, was a close friend of our family… built the house I was raised in, in Maryland and  Della was one of my mom’s best friends.  Della has been a big help wherever she’s been, and we’re glad for her influence already at PG.  Here she is her first day at PG and then with her daughters Chris and Della Mae and their husbands and granddaughter.

Jeannette Ford passed away in Fort Wayne IN.  Jeannette visited Esther Potts here several times, and then was a resident here for some months in 2015.  She fell and broke her hip, was in rehab here until it became clear she wouldn’t walk again…  so she was moved to a nursing home in Fort Wayne.  Here’s a picture of Jeannette enjoying hot fudge Sundays with Elton and Karen Cleveland when she first came to PG.  Also links to her funeral notes and pamphlet.

  Funeral notes for Jeannette Ford, April 21, 2019    Jeannette Ford Funeral Pamphlet

Alice turned 90 in April.  She has a big family, so she had lots of visitors!  They included Ron and Sharon Hanson with 2 daughters and a granddaughter, Roger and Marian Fryer, Charlie and Rosie Erickson, Lyle and Barb Davies, Karen Oetken, Mike and Carol Martin, Roger and Sue Erickson, Carol Erickson, and the Saldana family

My birthday was the same day as Alice’s, so… lots of food and visits.

John and Lois Culver’s brother passed away in TN.  They flew up for the funeral, and will return Thursday.  Here’s a picture of the Culvers with John, Norman and Tim Bradley at the back, Sue, Nell (Carl’s wife) and Lois in front.  The second picture is most of the workers that were at Carl’s funeral.

Other visitors in April included Mike and Karla Weber with Joyce, Cynthia Abate with Fern, Clayton and Pearl Strickland, and Linda Grotz with Marybelle.


Dominique Mille’s cousin Catherine from Paris is visiting for a few weeks.  Janice Witty from Ontario also visited.

We thought it was cute when our dog drug in a deer antler.  Until it gave us a flat!


March 31, 2019

March 2019

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Ruth Evans passed away in Georgia.  She had been at PG from May 2016 to July 2017.   Here’s a picture of her when she first came to PG, and a link to her funeral notes.  We heard that Ruth was rich… God made her rich… in riches she could take with her.  We’re glad we got to know her in her latter years.

            Ruth Evans funeral notes

Don and Jenny Waldo and their 3 kids, Ava, Jaina and Oscar came back for a visit.  They lived here a few years, and moved to Minn about 5 years ago.  Here they’re pictured with 2 of our grandkids, Katelyn and Dylan Kelleher.  Kathy’s aunt Jane (Morstad) Jacobsen, who lives near Plentywood, Montana and winters here in Magnolia, visited for a few days.  Here she’s playing Scrabble with Lois.

Sarah (Greenstreet) and Joel Kujath had a birthday celebration for Jane, and invited several of the residents and ourselves.  Sarah’s sister Sue (Greenstreet) Holladay and her daughter Katelyn were also there.  The first picture below shows Faith (Morstad) Braaksma (Jane’s daughter), Jane, John and Lois.  The second picture includes The Kujaths (except Weldon who took the picture), Faith’s husband Mike, Jack, Kathy and I.

Cindy Peter visited her brother Gary, who brought her to PG.  Here is Adrianna, Susan, Cindy and Gary Peter with Elton.  Also Cindy with Fern and Gilbert.

Glenn Thomas from NJ was passing through the airport here and had a layover, and wanted to see Fern. We took Fern and went to an Indian restaurant with Glenn.  Clinton Goff loves to get his mail, though he is far from being able to write.  We’re glad Cindy Johnson continues to help with his correspondence.  Judy Timmersman brought Cinda Taylor to visit.

Duane and Joan Hinkley invited all the residents to their home for lunch, and all were able to go.

Birthdays this month included John’s 93rd and Salena’s 26th.  John’s birthday cake was made of cupcakes with fishing poles and fish!  First he’s been able to catch in a long time!

Spring is beautiful!  The pecan trees are about the last to bud.  There are lots of flowers in the orchard.


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