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October 31, 2015

October 2015

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October has been a wonderful month with conventions, and several visitors associated with conventions.  John Culver came home from Mountain Peak with us to become our latest resident at PG (so the Current Residents page has been updated).  Here’s a picture of John with Jack, Elton and Raymond taken today.  Also today, Patty Dale and Josh Maki visited with Samuel’s niece from Mexico, Marisol.  Dale is recovering from chemo.  Sure glad he felt up to a visit. The final picture taken today… we have a new family working with us – Marcos and Lety Valdez, and their daughter Hannah.  Marcos works at the barn with David and Travis Bolt, and Lety works part-time at the senior residence.

Jack, John, Elton and RaymondPatty, Dale, Mary Sol and JoshMarcos, Lety and Hannah

Teresa and Naomi had birthdays in October.  Naomi’s nephew Ed Lloyd came for her birthday.

Teresa's BirthdayNaomis BirthdayEd and Naomi

Elton had his 98th birthday.  Karen was able to join us by Skype from Columbia.  Margaret Gunderson came from Connecticut.  We went for a boat ride on Lake Conroe.  Elton is holding our granddaughter Katelyn Kelleher. Eltons cakeEltons BirthdayMargaret and EltonElton and Katelyn

Other visitors included Barry, shown with Elton and Roger and then with Loren, George with Esther, LeRoy and his niece Virgie, David with his dad Elton, and Shari with her niece Michelle. Elton, Roger and BarryLoren and BarryGeorge and EstherLeRoy and VergieElton and DavidShari Clark and Michelle Schmidt

My cousin Gailen and her husband Roy Miles visited from Virginia.  Gailen taught us something…  we were aware of a “pride” of lions or a “gaggle” of geese or a “flock” of sheep, but we hadn’t heard of a “murder” of crows.  This month we found out where that comes from!  We lost our entire pecan crop.  To be fair, much of it was lost earlier in the summer due to  scab from the very wet spring.  But in September we still had some crop left.  Then the crows and squirrels moved in, in large numbers.  The propane device shown is a crow cannon.  They fire loudly about once every 30 seconds, sounding like a shot gun.   We use 4 of these to try to chase off the crows, so the pecan orchard sounds like a war zone.  Even with the cannons and our hunting efforts, they got the rest of the pecans.  The pecan husks shown were emptied by crows.  There are a lot of deer this year also, but they don’t bother the pecans too much.

Gailen and Roy MilesCrow CannonEmpty Pecan HusksPecan Orchard


September 30, 2015

September 2015

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Esther’s 100th birthday was very nice.  A group of buckeyes (Ohioans) came… family and friends.  She was so excited.  The excitement improved her thinking and memory, so she was able to visit… recall wonderful memories, and thoroughly enjoy the visitors.  She’s received nearly 200 cards now, including one from the Obamas, which really surprised her!  “How do they know about me?”   Pictures show Esther with her cake, the buckeyes, the birthday group, with her cards, the card from Obamas, and Esther with one of her close friends, Don Reynolds.  Note that we brought another close friend, Jeannette Ford, from the nursing home for the day.

Esther with cakeBuckeyes at Esthers birthdayEsthers birthday groupEsther with cardsEsthers 100th birthday card from ObamasDon and Esther

June Kyger came down from Indiana, packed up Jeannette’s stuff, and flew with her back to Indiana.  She’s now in the Kingston Care Center, Fort Wayne, IN, and is getting adjusted to her new situation.  Some of her goodbyes here were very difficult, especially to Esther.  Before Jeannette left her sister Kathy and her husband Warren Pincrest from Boston visited.  Pictures below are of Jeannette and June, and of Jeannette and Esther, and Jeannette with Kathy and Warren.

Jeannette and JuneJeannette and EstherJeannette with Kathy

Jennifer was in Mexico for conventions so Nadine was with Sara for several weeks.  Jean turned 92 in September.

Sara and NadineJeans 92nd

We’re looking forward to our conventions in October.  Raymond is planning on Georgetown Spanish.  Elton and Jean hope to get to GT English.  The others hope to listen to GT English from PG.  We’re also looking forward to the many visitors we have at convention time.

The pecan crop is poor this year for several reasons, but mainly because of too much rain followed by too little rain.  But we do hope to have some pecans being harvested toward the end of October.  In the mean time we’re fighting the squirrels and crows!



August 31, 2015

August 2015

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Betty passed away peacefully on August 4th, at about 4 AM.  Dominique and Mireille Mille were sitting with her at the time.  Her funeral was Sunday the 9th in San Antonio.  Many visited Betty before she died… here are pictures of Josh, Geile, and Ruby Gomez from Dallas and Duane and Rita Shaffer with Salena, Jennifer, Conchita and Joyce.  Also a picture of Betty’s family the day before her funeral.

Gomez family20150803_130358Bettys family

Kenny and Salena were married Friday evening the 7th in the Mille’s woods behind PG.  Here are pictures of them being married by Dominique, with Jennifer and Sara, with the Newmans, with the Craightons, with the Thorburns and with Elton!  Salena is working full-time in the residence and Kenny works at PG in the Athena business…  the honeymoon is over!

Salena & Kenny NewmanSalena & Kenny NewmanSalena & Kenny NewmanSalena & Kenny NewmanSalena & Kenny NewmanSalena and Kenny with Elton

Dad’s 82nd birthday was in August, along with Karin’s 32nd (no picture).  Sandra Wilson (Doris’s sister) came to visit Doris for a few days, and Sandra’s son Chris and family came for a visit with Sandra and Doris.

Dad 82Sandra Doris and Family

Last Sunday and yesterday we’ve been able to bring Jeannette from the Park Manor nursing home for the meeting at Hoffman’s and then to listen to the gospel meeting (by phone to PG).  She’s doing much better than when we brought her to PG in July for her birthday, but her short term memory is very poor.  It’s clear that she won’t be able to return to PG full-time, so plans are being made to move her to a nursing home in Indiana, hopefully in September.  Here she is playing volleyball at Park Manor, and then at PG last Sunday.

Jeannette playing volley ballJeannette at PG

The Fitzpatrick family from Ohio visited Esther.  Our 2 oldest residents, Esther (who will be 100 on Sept 7th) and Elton (97.7) enjoy the back porch.

Esther with FitzpatricksEsther and Elton




July 31, 2015

July 2015

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Betty returned from the hospital to PG at the end of June with Joyce helping her nearly 24/7, hospice coming several times a week, and several friends helping when needed.  She has declined tremendously… we certainly didn’t think she would live this long.  We’re learning more about the dying process… it is a process, and only God knows the final timing.  It isn’t an easy process, but we’re glad for the peace we feel as we see the peace she has.  We’ve had many visitors this month, many of which came to see Betty.

Here’s a picture of Betty in better days, her sister Patsy and family, the Glenda (Joyce’s co-worker) and the Poages… with Joyce.

BettyLee familyJoyce and GlendaPoages with Joyce

LaNell came to help with Betty for a few days.  Here she’s with her old friends Doris and Teresa.  Rocio and Celia visited, here with Samuel, Conchita and Joyce.  Herbie and Patty Barnett visited, here with Terry, Kim and Abigail Hoffman (who live on the farm), and Chip and Amy Leighton visited.  Finally, Mireille cutting Raymond s hair

Doris, LaNell, TeresaRocio and Celia visit Herbie, Patty and HoffmansAmy, Joyce, ChipMireille and Raymond

Jeannette continues to receive therapy in the same nursing home as Roger Cleveland.  At one point we had lost hope that she’d be able to return to PG… but she is making slow progress, and that hope is returning.  We brought her to PG for her 78th birthday.  The first picture below is in the nursing home.  Jeannette was using the microphone to communicate with Roger.  The other 3 pictures are at PG, with cake, with Esther and then with Elton and Jack.

Jeannette, Kathy, Elton, RogerJeannettes 78thEsther and JeannetteElton, Jeannette, Jack

Kathy and I had lunch at Red Bud Canyon this month.  Here’s a picture of the group that was there at the time.

Red Bud group

Philip Farris made a good suggestion… In the upper right corner of this blog there are now two “pages” added with the current and previous residents of PG listed.  I’ll try to keep these lists up to date.


June 30, 2015

June 2015

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June has been a difficult month at PG.  Jeannette fell and broke her femur.  They operated and nailed the bone back together.  She’s now in a rehab facility, recovering slowly.  If she isn’t significantly better by the end of the week she’ll be transferred to the Park Manor nursing home where Roger Cleveland is.  She’ll still receive PT and OT… and hopefully return to PG.  June Kyger came to help her from Indiana.  Here she is with June in the rehab facility, and earlier in the month (before her fall) with Karen when Karen was leaving for Columbia.

Jeannette and JuneJaennette and Karen

Betty Lawrence had a series of health problems, the most serious of which was a stroke.  Today they decided to put her on hospice care at PG, comfort measures only, so she was transferred from the hospital this evening.  Joyce has been with her in the hospital, and will continue to be with her at PG.

We had lots of visitors in June.  The first group below includes Geoff Murray from New Zealand, the McSpadden family, the Colsons and Josh Maki.  The second includes Sara Kujath, her kids and her sister Susan with Doris and Naomi.  The third is Esther with her nephew Henry and Phyllis Potts.  The last are the Valdez brothers and their wives.

Murray, McSpaddens, MakiKujathsPottsValdezs

Esther and Jennifer had birthdays in June.

Doris and Jennifer

Sorry, this isn’t about PG… but Kathy’s brother, Rick Johnson, 61, died of cancer in Minneapolis on Saturday.  The funeral was today, so I’m writing this from his home in Minneapolis.  The first picture below is of the family in 2011.  Rick is the second from the left.  Larry, the one on the left, died of cancer in 2013.  The second picture is of the workers at the funeral today.

Johnsons 2011Workers at Ricks Funeral

So, lots of sadness in June, but also much to be thankful for …






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