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November 30, 2019

November 2019

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All 9 residents are doing fairly well.  As mentioned last month, Dad (Jack) was moved into a type B assisted living center in Conroe November 1.  He has improved somewhat… is able to get out to meetings and family functions, but still needs 24/7 care that we can’t provide at PG.  We hope that will change.  Here are pictures of him in the assisted living place he is in now, with our 6 grandchildren and with Elton.

Marybelle’s relatives took her to Austin for Thanksgiving, and Della’s daughters took her to Woodville for Thanksgiving.

There were lots of visitors at PG in November.  Unfortunately we didn’t get pictures of all of them.  LeRoy Sandford and Randy Satterfield visited, shown here together, then LeRoy with Mr. Gilbert, and then singing.

Jeff and Patricia Oliver, Fred and Sue Fite, and Berry and Jessie Mulford from Oklahoma visited.

Brad and Alicia Wade with Maggie, Mia and Ryder, then Ray and Myra Klepzig, and then John and Rachelle  Roberson, Stephen and Michael visited.

Don and Charlotte Shaner from Virginia visited.  Patty Maki has started working part-time… we’re glad for her help.  Here she’s with Salena and Justin.  Luis Rosas turned 23 in November.

Kathy and I took our yearly trip to Aberdeen Scotland.  Here’s Alex Main waiting in his doorway for us to come to Sunday meeting, and the workers there, Edgar Lowe and Keith Drury.

We also went to my brother’s for Thanksgiving.  Here are the 3 Newmans with their spouses, Kathy and Ken, Ronda and Mike Rosamond, Ann and Brent. Also the 4 workers that were there, Jennifer Grady, Joyce Lawrence, Mary Hammack, and Suzanne McCorkell.




October 31, 2019

October 2019

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Mary Jane Pike (79) passed away in North Carolina.  She was here at PG from November 2012 till October 2014.   She was young for PG, but had Alzheimers, so her passing would be a sweet release.  Here’s a picture of Mary Jane with Waverley Pierson.

Dad (Jack) hasn’t recovered very well from the fall mentioned last month.  He’s been in rehab most of the month and is now in a nursing home.  Tomorrow (Nov 1) we will move him into a type B assisted living center in Conroe.  PG is type A, which means we can do only limited “personal care”.  Type B has much more care which Dad needs for now.  We hope at some point he’ll be able to return to PG, time will tell.  Here’s a picture of him in the nursing home with my sister Ronda, Kathy and myself.

I noted when updating the PG residents list for Mary Jane and Dad (link in the upper right corner of this blog), that of the 30 residents we’ve had, 9 are still here and only 3 others are still living (Dad, Clinton and Leah).

Ray Hoffmann and Herbie Barnett just stopped by for a quick supper on their way to visit Clinton Goff.  Wayne and Dawn Overby joined us.  Here they are with 8 of the 9 residents.  Gilbert Reese had already gone to bed.  The residents, up front are Della and Marybelle.  In the back, Fern, Elton, Lois, John, Ronald and Alice.

Elton’s 102nd birthday was Oct 10th.  His daughter, Cheryl Hutchinson and son David Cleveland came.  Daughter Karen Cleveland was included from Columbia by Skype.

Cheryl’s 2 children, Matt and Elizabeth and Matt’s family, as well as Connecticut friends Gerry and Margaret Gunderson also came. Names are included with the pictures below.

8 of the 9 residents attended Georgetown convention.  Gilbert Reese stayed at PG and Gloria Reese came from Minneapolis to stay with him.  John and Lois also attended Mountain Peak. All the meetings from those 2 conventions could be heard over the speaker system at PG.  Alice also listened to Georgetown Spanish.

After Texarkana convention Jeff Thayer, Sharon Carroll and Peggy Jansen visited.  Jeff had a nice long visit with Clinton Goff in the nursing home in Conroe.  It’s amazing how well Clinton could remember details about Jeff’s first year in the work (with Clinton), but he knows very little about the present.

Roger Ramsden visited after Mountain Peak.  Here he’s with Dominique and Mimi Mille, and then visiting with the residents and Joyce Lawrence. He also had a good visit with Clinton (no picture).  Joyce left Texas yesterday for North Carolina for a year.

Other visitors included Mary Macauley and Linda Hockaday, (with Lois), and Ruth Taplin (with Patty Maki).

Betty Braasch and Marilynn Frye visited, along with Jarlet and Yaneth Sanchez, their children and Yaneth’s mother.  Also John, Dennis and Ginny Coker visited, shown with 6 residents.

Ronda and Kathleen Stancliff (with Della at Georgetown) and Ron and Bonnie Haptonstall (with Marybelle).  Della’s daughter Della Mae and her grandson Jonathan visited Della.

2 young men are now working part-time at PG.  Justin Bartz from Magnolia (north Houston field) is shown below with Salena and Jennifer.  The other is Luis Rosas (no picture) from Pearland (south Houston field).  Abigail Hoffman, who also works part-time and lives on the farm, turned 21.




September 30, 2019

September 2019

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Kent and Linda Opel brought Tim Hamilton (New Zealand) to visit.  At that time we had 11 residents.  Clarence Rochelle was here temporarily.  Soon after this Dad (Jack Newman) had a bad fall and is still in  a rehab hospital.  We hope he’ll be coming home next week.  Here’s a picture of the residents (Alice is missing), with Kent, Linda and Tim.  The residents in the back row are Gilbert, Ronald, John, Clarence and Jack.  Those in the front row are Lois, Fern, Della and Marybelle.

John came home from the rehab hospital on oxygen.  He gradually improved and now doesn’t need the oxygen.  He seems to have fully recovered from his bout with pneumonia.  Marybelle sometimes has to use a wheelchair because of pain, and other times is able to walk fairly well.

Dominique and Mimi became American citizens!  We’re glad to have them in the US, but even more at PG!

Ron and Anna Furrow visited their son Brendan (married to our daughter Karla).  Here’s the furrows, Karin, Kathy and our 6 grandchildren.  Justin Bartz started working part-time at PG while he goes to college.  Here he’s with his family (wearing an apron).  Lois Rosas has also started working part-time while going to college… we don’t have a picture of him yet.  We’ve only had one man work in the senior residence in the past (Corey Stephens)… now we have 2 at the same time!

Eric and Tina Dean from Massachusetts were here for a visit.  Kathy and I spent the first 3 weeks of September in China.  There were a few days of business, but most of the time we were visiting… wonderful, encouraging visits.  When we returned we did a presentation to the residents and local friends.

In Hong Kong we “ran into” Lewis and Merle Stronge from New Zealand.  Lewis and his brother Nathan visited our apartment in Lanham Maryland October 27, 1979, for a crab feast!  It was amazing to run into each other after so many years.  Here’s 1 picture from Hong Kong and 3 from 1979.  If you’ve never had a mess of Maryland crabs… you’re missing a real mess!




August 31, 2019

August 2018

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August has been another busy month.  Fern traveled to Boston and went to conventions at Milford and Altamont.  Alice traveled with Joyce to Mexico for Jauregui and Monterrey conventions.  Lois and John were to go to KY/TN for conventions but Lois fell and has a lot of pain in one hip, and John went to the hospital with pneumonia!  John is better and is now in a rehab hospital taking PT to get his strength back.  Clarence Roachell is coming to PG on a temporary basis initially the first week in September.  If he stays, he’ll be our 11th resident.  The pictures below are of Joyce and Alice leaving for Monterrey, and then the meeting last Sunday at Clarence’s place.  Clarence is on the right beside Alice.  George and Nita Tasic visited from Granbury.  I’ll include their picture here since they are in the photo at Clarence’s.

Lots of grandchildren visited in August.  Our 6, Mille’s 5 and Overby’s 5.  The only picture we have is of the Overbys.  Marybelle was complaining about pain in her leg and moving very slowly until Katelyn and Dylan got on her walker.  Then she took off running!  The last picture is of my nephew Brandon and Tamara Chandler who came from Arkansas with their 3 kids and some friends of theirs, along with dad and ourselves.

A family of friends from Vietnam who are now living in California visited the Milles.  They were good friends of the Milles during the 13 years they lived in VN.  We remember them well from our visits there.  Here they are shown with Mimi, and then with our sisters Rachel and Sarah.

Mike and Laurie Jagielski visited from Arlington, shown with John and Della behind.  Pedro and Sary, Oliver and Meghan Rodriguez visited from San Antonio.  Dad turned 86.

Yvonne Park who labors in Venezuela visited the Santiago family and the Lloyds, shown in the first picture.  Jarlet Santiagl brought her to PG for a visit.  Ronald spent some time in Venezuela years ago.

Lots of big things in Texas!




July 31, 2019

July 2019

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July has been a busy month.  Alice and Ronald went with us to Happy.  Fern is at Milford and will be at Altamont.  Gilbert hasn’t been feeling well, but otherwise all 10 residents are doing their usual.

We had our July 4th on the evening of the 3rd. Here’s the group watching fireworks, and Joan Hinkley helping Marybell roast a marshmallow.

Kathy’s cousin Lori Morgan (59), who lived 50 miles from here, passed away a few months ago. A memorial service was held for her her at PG on July 6th.  Her brother, Troy and Linda Morgan and their children Amenah and Justice came from Maryland.  Several other cousins came from Arizona.  Most have eastern Montana roots.  Kathy’s sisters, Pat Johnson (Iowa), and Kim Schneider (MN) came.  The second picture is of the cousins and 2 aunts, Jane (Morsted) Jacobsen and Marjorie Williamson.  The third picture is of the cousins and their spouses. The fourth picture is of our family, 3 children with spouses and 6 grandchildren.

Joe and Jean Epps from Alabama came to visit Fern with Pearl Bailey.  Here they’re with Troy Morgan and family from Maryland.  Not long after their visit here, Joe Epps had a stroke and passed away suddenly.  The second picture is of Della with her niece Mary Holland from San Angelo.

We had 2 sings in July.  One after union meeting and one at Patty Maki’s last Sunday.  Elton played the piano at both.

Elton’s son David Cleveland from PA and David’s daughter Leah and Darron Griffin from GA were here to visit Elton.  Rick and Ann Overby were here to visit Wayne and Dawn, and the residents.

My sister Ronda came to spend some time with Dad, and Salena’s mother and aunt, Diane and Doris, came to see Salena.  The third picture includes our son Kenny (Salena’s husband).  Salena is the manager at PG.  The 4th picture is of Mimi Mille with the 5 residents she cuts hair for, John, Ronald, Elton, Gilbert and Jack.

Calvin and Nedda Penland visited from Missouri.  Samuel and Conchita Valdez came back for a visit with Samuel’s brother Noe and Magdalina Valdez.  Aaron and Laura McGee visited with children Decland and Norah.

Two final pictures… one of the young folks at Happy.  The second reminds us of the famous words… Houston, the eagle has landed!  This eagle was carved in the stump of a huge oak tree in May 2014.  The 3rd picture is from that time.  It rotted from the inside out… and finally crashed.


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