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May 31, 2015

May 2015

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We’ve had a crazy amount of rain in May!  But it really hasn’t affected Pecan Grove very much.  A pecan tree blew over, the construction projects were delayed, the lake and pond are very full, the grass is growing like crazy.  There were some beautiful days, and many wonderful experiences.  Here are pictures from some good days:

Sr Center across LakeLily pad flower

Kathy and I took a 2 week trip, drove 4,200 miles to northern PA, down to GA and then home, visiting 28 homes.  Visits relevant to PG included seeing Mary Jane in NC (she had no idea who we were… but she’s very happy), visiting Doris’s sister Sandra in Birmingham, and Teresa’s niece Susan Shoemaker, also in Birmingham.

Mary Jane and KenSandra WilsonSusan and Kathy

Our dear Martha left… Bill and Lois Houston came to get her.  She’s promising to return.  Here she is with Esther, Jeannette and Bill and Lois.

Martha and EstherMartha and JeannetteMartha, Bill and Louis

The Grainger and Larson families came to visit (the mothers are identical twins).  Here they’re shown with some of the residents and Conchita.  Also a picture of Jeannette, Elton, Don, Martha and Leah at a restaurant.

Granger, Larson GroupJannette, Elton, Don, Martha, Leah

Karen Cleveland is here visiting her dad, Elton, and her uncle Roger, on her way to Columbia.  Also Ted Rozema is visiting from Redbud Canyon for a few days.  The first picture shows Karen and Ted with the Sanchez family.  The second is of Karen with her old companions, Naomi, Esther and Jeannette.

Ted and Karen with Sanchez familyNaomi, Esther, Karen, Jannette

Here’s Karen and Elton in his room, with family pictures behind.  The last picture is of most of the residents plus Salena and dad eating on the back porch… not something that happens often!

Karen and EltonGroup on Back Porch



April 30, 2015

April 2015

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What a terrible and wonderful month!  As most of you know, mom (Leona) died April 15th as a result of the same car accident that killed Bea at the end of last month (see last month’s post).  Bea’s funeral was April 4th, and mom’s was April 18th.  Bea’s funeral was held at PG.  Doug Murray and Jennifer Bartels had the funeral. There was a pot luck afterward.  I’ve sent notes to the email list, so will only include some photos now.  We set up about 150 chairs.  There were flowers and a picture of Bea on the mantel.  Bea’s granddaughter Donna, daughter Mary and Mary’s husband Clarence are shown holding flowers on the porch.  The last picture is of some of the group at the pot luck.

Set up for Bea's funeralBea's flowersBea's familyPot luck after funeral

We thought mom was going to live.  She was in ICU because of the stroke (which caused the accident) and brain injury (caused by the accident), but her mind was clear, she could talk some, and was improving.  Then pneumonia set in.  They put her on a ventilator to treat the pneumonia for several days, and when they removed the ventilator she wasn’t able to breathe on her own.  There were 7 of us with her when she died, talking to her and singing hymns.  She seemed unresponsive but thanks to the ICU monitors we could see her pulse change when we spoke to her or sang… so we know she heard us.  It was a moving, terrible/wonderful experience.  We’re glad for the strong conviction that she’s better off, and where she wants to be now.  Again, I’ve sent notes already, so will include pictures.  The first is of mom and dad, and the second of the family at mom’s 82nd birthday (she was 83 when she died).

Mom and DadMom's birthday

Joyce Lawrence and Audrey Fuller (mom’s cousin) had the funeral at a funeral home in Willis.  Again we had a pot luck at PG.  Then Pat Johnson (Kathy’s sister) prayed and spoke at the cemetery in Huntsville.  Here’s a picture of Joyce and Audrey, then another of all the workers that were there, Talus, Jorge, Doug, Audrey, Pat and Joyce.

Joyce, AudreyTalus, Jorge, Doug, Audrey, Pat, Joyce

We’ve had so many visitors, cards, messages… wonderful words of encouragement, that have helped make this terrible month a wonderful month.  We have so much to be thankful for.

Mom’s brother Lynn and Florence Fuller came to seem mom in the hospital, and were at Bea’s funeral.  Here they’re shown with Leah.  LeRoy came twice to visit Raymond, as he went to and from PA special meetings.

Florence, Leah, LynnLeRoy and Raymond

Jeff Chenault and David Cleveland came to visit Elton, arriving just in time for mom’s funeral.  They stayed a week and helped out at PG.  The second picture is of David with his uncle Roger at the nursing home in Conroe.

Jeff, Elton, DavidDavid with Roger

Georgia Aarestad, Ginny and Perry Welch came to visit Naomi.  This evening Paul, Cheryl and Pierce Olson are visiting Jeannette… Leah just sent me this photo of them with most of the residents (Raymond and Esther must have gone to bed), also dad, Joyce and Martha.

Naomi, Georgia, Ginny and PerryOlsons

Finally, a picture of our current residents and dad.

Back: Elton, Leah, Betty, Teresa, Raymond, Dad

Front: Naomi, Jean, Doris, Jeannette and Esther

Residents and dad

We’re so glad Leah Bolt has decided to stay on as a resident!  She’ll be returning to PA to sell her house etc… and coming back, maybe after Newry.



March 31, 2015

March 2015

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We have sad news from PG.  Friday mom (Leona) took Bea to the doctor, then they went out to eat. On the way back they ran off the road into some trees.  Bea had many broken bones, was lucid until yesterday and died this afternoon (Tuesday).  Bea was 96, had been at PG since February 2009, and was a dear soul with a wonderful spirit.  During her days in the hospital she had many visitors… many loved Bea.  Yesterday Bea couldn’t respond, but I thought she could hear.  I told her about the visitors she’d had, that many loved her, that we were sorry this happened but we trust the God we love… and she had much to look forward to.  Tears came to her eyes… so I know she understood.  We will really miss her at PG!  Bea’s funeral will be at PG on Saturday, April 4, 2015.  Here’s a picture of mom and Bea when Bea  arrived in 2009 and then a picture of Bea last month.

Leona and Bea 2009Bea and laundry basket

A CAT scan showed mom may have had a stroke, which could have caused her to run off the road.  She has multiple bleeds in her brain.  At first they thought they’d have to do surgery to release the pressure, but the pressure didn’t build and she remained alert.  With time the bleeds have improved.  She has fractured bones in her face, which must have hit the steering wheel, but otherwise she doesn’t have any fractures.  Her condition has improved, but is somewhat of a roller coaster with good and bad times.  Her throat is swollen (maybe from the stroke) so she can’t swallow yet.  The doctors warn us that it will be a long painful recovery.  Here’s a picture of mom a few weeks ago giving me a haircut.  The second is of dad, Katelyn, and mom with Lois and David Lancaster who were here from Maine for a visit.

Leona cutting Kens hairJack, Katelyn, Leona Lois DaveLancaster

After that sad news, it’s hard to continue…  but before the accident March was a wonderful month.  Two new residents arrived, Raymond Reece and Elton Cleveland.  Raymond was coming from a few weeks of special meetings in Mexico.  During that time he had congestive heart failure and was in bad shape when he arrived.  He felt he should go to a nursing home instead of assisted living.  He was placed on strong medication and lost 40 pounds of water in 3 weeks.  So now he’s much better, walking with his walker, getting to all the meals, bible studies and most meetings.  He gets overly anxious about trivial things sometimes, but that is improving as he gets used to being with us.  We really appreciate his help in the morning bible studies and his child-like spirit.  Here is a picture of Raymond and then Raymond with Elton, Karen, Sara, Jennifer and Jeannette.

Raymond ReeceElton, Jeannette, Karen, Sara, Raymond, Jennifer

Elton Cleveland (97) came a couple of days after Raymond.  His daughter Karen brought him and stayed for a week.  He’s enjoying PG and fitting in very well.  He’s also helpful in the bible studies and entertaining us with wonderful music.  He’s able to visit his brother Roger in the nursing home fairly often.  Here’s pictures of Karen and Elton wearing cowboy hats, Elton with Roger and playing the piano.

Karen, EltonElton & Roger ClevelandElton at piano

We had many visitors in March, including the Potts from Ohio, the Bartels from Iowa, Linda and Elinora shown with the Milles, the Myers brothers from Indiana, Leah and Della Bolt, Alicia with Joyce and Betty, and Celia and Rocio with Conchita.

Dwayne and Ellen Potts family with Jeannette and EstherJennifer with her parentsLinda, Elenora, Mireille, DominiqueLeah Bolt, K,aren, Della Mae, Della Bolt, LeonaJohn and Fay Myers with JeannetteRalph and Ginny Myers with JeannetteJoyce, Alicia, BettyCelia, Rocio, Conchita

Salena turned 22.  Here she’s shown with Esther, Bea and Kenny.  The second picture is a companion picture with Martha, Jeannette, Naomi, Esther and Karen.

Salinas birthdayCompanions

Samuel had a birthday celebrated twice.

Samuel and ConchitaSamuels birthday group

We had the wonderful experience of seeing Don Lewis return after many years.  He’s related to the Goffs and remembers Esther from many years ago.  He lives in the sticks not too far from PG.  Here he is with Jennifer and Sara.  Also a picture of 3 of our staff, Jashell, Conchita and Lala.

Don Lewis with Jennifer and SaraJashell, Conchita, Lala

A few more in case you haven’t had enough!

Jeannette,Elton,K-HotFudgeSundaesEsther and KarenElton, Ken, Raymond



February 28, 2015

February 2015

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We’re glad to have Jeannette Ford with us temporarily at PG, and Leah Bolt still visiting.  All 9 are doing reasonably well.  Esther had a bad spell this month, but seems to be doing better now.  She’s 99 1/2… will be 100 in September!  Here’s a picture of Jeannette and Jashell (a new staff member).  Also a picture of Bea dragging her laundry basket.

Jeannette and JashellBea and laundry basket

February 1 after union meeting we took the PG bus to the nursing home where Roger lives, to celebrate his 95th birthday.  We had a 6 candle instead of a 9, so we put 56 on the cake.  Roger’s memory isn’t very good, but he knew that wasn’t right!  Teresa sat down at the piano and played… attracting nursing home residents we didn’t know, who proceeded to request songs and then sing along!

Rogers birthday groupRogers birthday blowing out candlesRogers birthday Teresa playingRogers birthday talking with Esther

We had lots of visitors during special meetings.  We failed to take pictures of several of them, but here are 2 pictures, one of Matt, Andrea, Emmy  and Alice with the Milles, and another of Charles, Andrea and Matt.

Special meeting visitors 1 Special meeting visitors 2

Maja’s brother, Marco, from Serbia visited with Albert, and Martha had a birthday.

Marco and AlbertMarthas birthday

Mireille’s (Mimi’s) birthday is today.  Yesterday evening a group of us were together with her at the cabin.  Families there included Colsons, Makis, Milles, Newmans, Overbys, Hoffmans and Valdezs.

Mimi birthday 4Mimi birthday 1 Mimi birthday 3Mimi birthday 2

Some have been asking about Mary Jane Pike.  We hear she’s doing well there in NC.  Here’s a recent picture of her with the Lawrences.

MJ with Lawrences



January 31, 2015

January 2015

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It’s hard to believe the first month of 2015 is already over!  All at PG are doing well.  Naomi passed out again at bible study yesterday.  We laid her back for a few minutes and she came around.  We’re fairly certain it’s caused by her blood pressure medication which she takes at breakfast…. her BP get’s too low.  Several new things happening at PG:

  • Martha Houston came to live and work at PG for a few months.  We’re really glad for her help!  And Esther is really glad to have someone from Ohio here!
  • Leah Bolt is with us for about a month… it sure is good to have her back for a visit.
  • Roger Cleveland’s brother, Elton (97), is going to join us as a resident at PG in March.
  • Jeannette Ford is coming next week for most of 2 months.

Martha’s cousin, Mary Jo Houston, came with Martha and visited a few days.  Here’s Martha, Mary Jo and Esther.  Also old friends, Leona with Leah.

Martha, Mary Jo, EstherLeona and Leah

Joyce was here for her birthday.  They had a cake for her at lunch, then Conchita had a surprise dinner for her at in the evening.

Joyce's BirthdayJoyce's Birthday 2

Don and Jenny Waldo moved to Minnesota.  We had a get together at PG for them.  Here are several pictures from that day.  The first is of the Waldos with Jason Munckton riding the Polaris.  Next, Johnathan and Li Ping with Kathy.  Then Jamie Bolt with Jenny.  Then Ann Newman with the 3 Waldo kids.

Waldos and JasonJohnathan, Kathy, Li PingJaimie Bolt and Jenny WaldoDSC07498

More pictures from that day… Conchita with Katelyn and Naomi with Ava and Katelyn.

Conchita and KatelynAva, Naomi and Katelyn

Brent brought his drone with a camera and flew it.  Here’s a group watching the flight, including our 2 sisters here… Jennifer and Sara.  The second picture is of the Waldos just as they were leaving.

Watching the droneWaldos leaving

Sara’s mom and grandparents, Pam, Alice and Steve Lacock came for a visit.  The second picture was taken by Brent’s drone.  It shows the Sr. Residence in the lower right, our new house on the left and the Mille’s new house barely visible in the woods slightly left of center.
LacocksPicture from Drone

If you’re interested in seeing the video from Brent’s drone crash and then flight, here they are:


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