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January 31, 2016

January 2016

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Many changes have already occurred in the new year, some good and some sad.   We’re  glad to have Leah Bolt back for the winter.  We’re sad that Naomi, Esther, and now Teresa have had to leave.  Naomi’s arthritis pain got to the point she was unable to walk, so she went to a nursing home here in Willis, 11 miles from PG.  She had been at PG since August 2011.  These pictures show Leah with Naomi, some of us with Naomi when she left, and then Hannah and Lety with Naomi in the nursing home, braiding Naomi’s hair.

Naomi and LeahGroup telling Naomi goodbyeHannah, Lety, Naomi

For a few months Esther had bouts of confusion, during which she needed 24 hour care.  Martha and Lois Houston came from Ohio and took Esther back to a nursing home in Morrow.  She had been at PG since July 2010.  The pictures show Esther with Jennifer, then with Don, Clarence, Martha and Lois, then the PG group when she left, and lastly with Linda at the airport.

Esther with JenniferDon, Esther, Clarence, Martha, Lois Group bidding Esther goodbyeEsther with Linda

Teresa fell and cracked her elbow and a vertebrate in the lumbar portion of her spine.  She’s currently in the hospital in Conroe, after which she’ll need to go to rehab, and likely a nursing home after that.  She’s been at PG since May 2009.  Here’s a picture with Kathy, ready to leave for the hospital.

Teresa leaving

Joyce came to PG with Marilyn and Nadine for a few days, for Joyce’s 70th.   Patty Maki made a fruit birthday turkey for those who couldn’t eat cake! They had a visit with Roger and at the Mille’s while here.

Nadine, Joyce, AliceBirthday  TurkeyJoyce, Roger, Marilyn, AliceGroup at Milles

Ron and Sharon Hanson and family from Washington came to visit Alice.  Also Ron and Delberta Trevithick from Anchorage came for a visit with Linda Ronhaar.

Sharon and ROn HansonAlice with the HansonsRon and Delberta Trevithick, Linda Ronhaar

Some have asked about our new house at PG… we did manage to move in the end of December, but there’s still construction, especially outside.  Here’s a picture taken today (it’s 77 deg F), and a picture of frost on the Sr. Residence one morning a few weeks ago.

New house at PGFrosty morning


December 31, 2015

December 2015

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Alice Oteken (86) arrived this week to be our 9th resident (not including my father Jack).  We’re very glad to have her with us.  Here are pictures taken when she arrived with John, Joyce, Rachel (who brought Alice) and Ken.

Alice ArrivingJohn, Joyce, Rachel, Alice, Ken

Raymond turned 90 in December.  He insisted on wearing a tie for his birthday celebration.  The staff tried to put a tie on the cake, but he didn’t recognize what it was.  Naomi, who is normally our wardrobe insultant, for some reason doesn’t try to change Raymond.   Regi tuned a couple of pianos for us.  Here he’s with his wife Tanya and her mom Elena from Ecuador.

Raymond's 90thRegi, Tanya, and Tanya's mom

Naomi was significantly worse in December, falling several times.  But then she seemed to recover, and quoted “Letty Brown’s Cow” for us.  Today I asked if she would quote it again so I could record it.  Previously she would quote part of this poem and give up… but now she can remember the entire poem again.  Here’s the recording:

Kathy’s sister, Pat Johnson, currently on the Iowa staff, came for a visit.  Carl and Gloria (from Kansas) were visiting Joan and Duane (who live not far from PG), and visited their old friends Raymond and Pat.  Also, Howard and Mary Ann, (who live 20 miles from PG) were here for a visit.

Kathy and PatCarl andHoward and Mary Ann

My sister and brother, Ronda (from Arkansas) and Brent (from Houston), were here visiting.  Ronda was the manager at PG for a few years.  Also Nita and Derald from Minnesota spent a few days with us on their way to Florida for the winter. Finally, Chuck (the tall guy) came to visit John.

Ronda, Ken, BrentNita and DeraldJohn and Chuck

Speaking of John, he’s still fishing (with his new pink fishing pole).  The cold weather and then a cold slowed him down, but not until he had a mess a fish big enough for a fish fry.  His cold seemed a lot better today.  Also, LeRoy came by to check in on his friend Raymond.

John FishingJoyce, LeRoy, Raymond

Shirley Spunagle brought most of her family (plus a few extra) for a visit. Glenn was in Haiti for the convention, so didn’t make it to PG.  Roger and Diane came to pick up Pat and take her back to Iowa.

Spunagle FamilyIMG_2601

Lety (Valdez, not Brown) and her daughter Hannah sometimes take Elton to visit Roger.  Here they are shown with Roger.  Elton wore one of Samuel’s sombrero’s while visiting Samuel and Conchita’s

Lety, Hanna, RogerEltonSamuel and Conchita

Esther also had a bad spell in December… was seeing folks that weren’t there… was afraid they were taking her stuff, etc.  But she got better again, and seems like her old self again.

Happy New Year,


November 30, 2015

November 2015

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November was a wonderful month… with much to be thankful for.  Here’s a picture of our current residents and dad taken yesterday.  In front, Jean, Naomi, Esther, Teresa and Doris.  Behind, Elton, John, Raymond and Jack.

Residents and dad 2

We’re enjoying having John with us.  He’s been doing a lot of fishing.  The large bass below is 19″ long – it broke his pole.  He uses an iPad docking station to hold his bible in the morning studies… so now his bible has a keyboard!  We’re trying to tell him he can’t add to or take away…  Another pecan farmer brought pecans to clean with our equipment – John, Samuel and Jack helped.  Finally John with another (much smaller) bass.

John with bass and golf cartJohn with bible and keyboardCleaning pecansAnother bass

The Newman clan made Thanksgiving dinner for the residents without mom’s help this year.  We brought Roger from the nursing home for lunch.  The second picture is of Elton, Roger, (Katelyn behind) Esther and Naomi.

Thanksgiving dinnerElton, Roger, Esther and Naomi

Here’s the Newmans that were here for thanksgiving, our workers Jennifer and Rachel yesterday, and Elton holding Hannah.

Newman ClanJennifer and RachelElton and Hannah

Lots of visitors in November.  Jean’s brother Paul and Lois Opel visited a few times with their kids and grandkids.  This picture is with their son and his family.  We didn’t get a picture of the daughter and her family.  The second picture is of our good friends Wynesta and Steve from California.

Paul and Lois Opel and familyWynesta and Steve

Hazel Peterson came to see her first companion, Esther, with her niece and husband from Idaho.  Larry and Barbara Gough visited Naomi from Maine.

2015-11-06 10.11.24P1050068

Kolita came for a visit, shown here with Raymond.  The McSpaddens came with Marie-Claude (a French lady we met in the late 90’s), and their dog Mikky.  Here they’re with Dominique, Kathy and Samuel and Samuel’s dog Milley.

P10500732015-11-21 13.27.52

Here’s a picture of Dominique and Mireille (she goes by Mimi now) with Jean.  Mimi’s mom passed away in France… so multiple trips to France… difficult days for them.  Dominique and Mimi purchased some of the woods behind PG, named it Mille’s Woods, and built a home there.  This summer the dominos fell… they moved from the cabin into their new home, Kathy and I moved into the cabin, and Karin and Patrick sold their home in Conroe and moved into our house on Lake Conroe.  Here are some pictures of the Mille home in Mille’s Woods.

Dominique, Jean, MimiMille home backMille home from woodsMille home front

Doris and some dog I don’t recognize… the diaper does look a little large…  anyway it sure made Doris happy.  Plus some fall color… ok, this isn’t New England, but we do get some color.

Doris and dogFall color

Sorry, this isn’t related to PG… each November for 21 years now we’ve gone to Aberdeen Scotland for an oilfield conference, and to see our good friends there, especially Alex and Betty Main.  This year we arrived on Saturday and were at their home Sunday morning for the meeting.  Betty had been fighting cancer for a few years…  she was upstairs unable for the meeting… we were glad for a brief visit with her.  Betty passed away Thursday morning, while we were still there.  The first picture shows Betty with Alex last November (2014).  The second is of the meeting Sunday morning, and the third is of Alex, Mary Phimister and Kathy on Friday after Betty died.

Betty and Alex 2014Sunday morningAlex, Mary, Kathy

Barry told us that young folks have to make the most important decisions in life before they have the wisdom to choose, and old folks have to make the biggest adjustments in life, when adjustments are the hardest to make.  We think of Alex now, adjusting to life without Betty.  She will surely be missed.



October 31, 2015

October 2015

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October has been a wonderful month with conventions, and several visitors associated with conventions.  John Culver came home from Mountain Peak with us to become our latest resident at PG (so the Current Residents page has been updated).  Here’s a picture of John with Jack, Elton and Raymond taken today.  Also today, Patty Dale and Josh Maki visited with Samuel’s niece from Mexico, Marisol.  Dale is recovering from chemo.  Sure glad he felt up to a visit. The final picture taken today… we have a new family working with us – Marcos and Lety Valdez, and their daughter Hannah.  Marcos works at the barn with David and Travis Bolt, and Lety works part-time at the senior residence.

Jack, John, Elton and RaymondPatty, Dale, Mary Sol and JoshMarcos, Lety and Hannah

Teresa and Naomi had birthdays in October.  Naomi’s nephew Ed Lloyd came for her birthday.

Teresa's BirthdayNaomis BirthdayEd and Naomi

Elton had his 98th birthday.  Karen was able to join us by Skype from Columbia.  Margaret Gunderson came from Connecticut.  We went for a boat ride on Lake Conroe.  Elton is holding our granddaughter Katelyn Kelleher. Eltons cakeEltons BirthdayMargaret and EltonElton and Katelyn

Other visitors included Barry, shown with Elton and Roger and then with Loren, George with Esther, LeRoy and his niece Virgie, David with his dad Elton, and Shari with her niece Michelle. Elton, Roger and BarryLoren and BarryGeorge and EstherLeRoy and VergieElton and DavidShari Clark and Michelle Schmidt

My cousin Gailen and her husband Roy Miles visited from Virginia.  Gailen taught us something…  we were aware of a “pride” of lions or a “gaggle” of geese or a “flock” of sheep, but we hadn’t heard of a “murder” of crows.  This month we found out where that comes from!  We lost our entire pecan crop.  To be fair, much of it was lost earlier in the summer due to  scab from the very wet spring.  But in September we still had some crop left.  Then the crows and squirrels moved in, in large numbers.  The propane device shown is a crow cannon.  They fire loudly about once every 30 seconds, sounding like a shot gun.   We use 4 of these to try to chase off the crows, so the pecan orchard sounds like a war zone.  Even with the cannons and our hunting efforts, they got the rest of the pecans.  The pecan husks shown were emptied by crows.  There are a lot of deer this year also, but they don’t bother the pecans too much.

Gailen and Roy MilesCrow CannonEmpty Pecan HusksPecan Orchard


September 30, 2015

September 2015

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Esther’s 100th birthday was very nice.  A group of buckeyes (Ohioans) came… family and friends.  She was so excited.  The excitement improved her thinking and memory, so she was able to visit… recall wonderful memories, and thoroughly enjoy the visitors.  She’s received nearly 200 cards now, including one from the Obamas, which really surprised her!  “How do they know about me?”   Pictures show Esther with her cake, the buckeyes, the birthday group, with her cards, the card from Obamas, and Esther with one of her close friends, Don Reynolds.  Note that we brought another close friend, Jeannette Ford, from the nursing home for the day.

Esther with cakeBuckeyes at Esthers birthdayEsthers birthday groupEsther with cardsEsthers 100th birthday card from ObamasDon and Esther

June Kyger came down from Indiana, packed up Jeannette’s stuff, and flew with her back to Indiana.  She’s now in the Kingston Care Center, Fort Wayne, IN, and is getting adjusted to her new situation.  Some of her goodbyes here were very difficult, especially to Esther.  Before Jeannette left her sister Kathy and her husband Warren Pincrest from Boston visited.  Pictures below are of Jeannette and June, and of Jeannette and Esther, and Jeannette with Kathy and Warren.

Jeannette and JuneJeannette and EstherJeannette with Kathy

Jennifer was in Mexico for conventions so Nadine was with Sara for several weeks.  Jean turned 92 in September.

Sara and NadineJeans 92nd

We’re looking forward to our conventions in October.  Raymond is planning on Georgetown Spanish.  Elton and Jean hope to get to GT English.  The others hope to listen to GT English from PG.  We’re also looking forward to the many visitors we have at convention time.

The pecan crop is poor this year for several reasons, but mainly because of too much rain followed by too little rain.  But we do hope to have some pecans being harvested toward the end of October.  In the mean time we’re fighting the squirrels and crows!



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