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March 31, 2019

March 2019

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Ruth Evans passed away in Georgia.  She had been at PG from May 2016 to July 2017.   Here’s a picture of her when she first came to PG, and a link to her funeral notes.  We heard that Ruth was rich… God made her rich… in riches she could take with her.  We’re glad we got to know her in her latter years.

            Ruth Evans funeral notes

Don and Jenny Waldo and their 3 kids, Ava, Jaina and Oscar came back for a visit.  They lived here a few years, and moved to Minn about 5 years ago.  Here they’re pictured with 2 of our grandkids, Katelyn and Dylan Kelleher.  Kathy’s aunt Jane (Morstad) Jacobsen, who lives near Plentywood, Montana and winters here in Magnolia, visited for a few days.  Here she’s playing Scrabble with Lois.

Sarah (Greenstreet) and Joel Kujath had a birthday celebration for Jane, and invited several of the residents and ourselves.  Sarah’s sister Sue (Greenstreet) Holladay and her daughter Katelyn were also there.  The first picture below shows Faith (Morstad) Braaksma (Jane’s daughter), Jane, John and Lois.  The second picture includes The Kujaths (except Weldon who took the picture), Faith’s husband Mike, Jack, Kathy and I.

Cindy Peter visited her brother Gary, who brought her to PG.  Here is Adrianna, Susan, Cindy and Gary Peter with Elton.  Also Cindy with Fern and Gilbert.

Glenn Thomas from NJ was passing through the airport here and had a layover, and wanted to see Fern. We took Fern and went to an Indian restaurant with Glenn.  Clinton Goff loves to get his mail, though he is far from being able to write.  We’re glad Cindy Johnson continues to help with his correspondence.  Judy Timmersman brought Cinda Taylor to visit.

Duane and Joan Hinkley invited all the residents to their home for lunch, and all were able to go.

Birthdays this month included John’s 93rd and Salena’s 26th.  John’s birthday cake was made of cupcakes with fishing poles and fish!  First he’s been able to catch in a long time!

Spring is beautiful!  The pecan trees are about the last to bud.  There are lots of flowers in the orchard.


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