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January 31, 2019

January 2019

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All the residents are doing well.  John Culver needed a heart valve replacement (called a TAVR)… he had less than 40% of his heart function.  A TAVR is what Gilbert had last spring, that gave him a new lease on life.  For a month and a half they did many tests on John, and were then reluctant to actually do the TAVR because of poor kidney function.  Finally, last week, the TAVR was done, and his heart is much improved.  Spending weeks in the hospital made him weak, so he went from the hospital to a rehab hospital.  His strength is coming back and he should be home next week.  Here’s Dominique and Lois visiting him in the hospital and then John doing PT in the rehab hospital.

Marybelle had her 93rd birthday.  She left yesterday for Kansas to attend her sisters funeral.  Ana Laura is traveling with her.  Penny and Gilbert (95) also had birthdays.

Elton likes to “get out”.  Dominique and Mimi took him to visit Regi Hedahl in Goliad Texas (215 miles), to see Regi’s collection of pianos.  Here are Dominiquie and Mimi on that trip, and then looking at a piano Regi is playing.

On other outings, Elton had is picture taken with a Texas sized bull, ate out with the Overbys, and ate out with Ed Lloyd, Jim Eubank and Al Perkins.

Billie Grunden, Stacey Seidlitz and Kaitlyn McGee visited from LA, shown with Gilbert and John.  Darren and Damon Printz visited, shown here with Dominique.

Doug and Gloria Kellogg visited from OK.  Gloria is a cousin to John and Lois.  Here they’re with Lois at the morning study, and then with John in the rehab hospital.

Lowell and Margaret Timmersman from MN and their daughter Julie Schibi from Austin visited.  Tony and Donna Hottell from College Station also visited.

Chris and Jo Ellen Hertz visited from La Vernia TX visited.  In the second picture they’re with Ana Laura, Penny, Jennifer and 6 residents.

Julio and Ivi Martinez and family visited from Austin.  Some played Scrabble with Lois.

My sister Ronda and husband Mike Rosamond were here from AR.  Mike helped me cut a big oak that was dead, and leaning over the drive.  We managed to drop it without getting hurt or destroying anything.  But the work continues!  We left MA in 1985… thinking our wood splitting days were behind us!  We’ve had a few nights below freezing, so we do enjoy the fireplace.



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