Pecan Grove ( Pecan Grove and Senior Residence

November 23, 2008


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Progress on the residence continues.  The contractor still claims it will be complete January 31, and that seems realistic.  The first resident says she’ll be moving in February 7th.  Here are some photos taken yesterday, showing the nearly completed outside and the sheetrock in the building.

Work on dredging the lake has progressed.  Fortunately the weather has been fairly dry, allowing this work to be done.  The first 3 photos below were taken from the same place standing on the dam looking over the drained lake, left to right, showing Dad and Mom’s new place, the residence and then the pecan orchard.  The last shows the back side of the dam which was covered with trees.  It will filled in so it has a 4 to 1 slope, allowing it to be mowed.

Jack Nelson began working at the pecan grove a few months ago.  The following shows Jack with his wife May.  Vincent Occhipinti happened to be visiting at the same time.

Just to keep up the red neck tradition… here’s Ronda’s dog Alex showing how he rides in her car, in front of Jack Nelson’s 5th wheel trailer.


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