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August 31, 2020

August 2020

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Lots of excitement at PG this month.  Hurricane Laura was exciting but we didn’t get anything… no wind and no, much needed, rain.  Karen Cleveland was finally able to leave her bach in Colombia where she’s been locked down since March, and return to the States for her home visit.  She came to PG to spend time with her father Elton.  Here’s an informal and formal picture of Elton and Karen, and Karen with her first hot fudge sundae in years!  Priorities!

Clarence Roachell came to PG as a resident (finally!).  He had been here for a few weeks before, but this time he’s here to stay.  His children brought him and are faithful in visiting him.  BTW, the state of Texas is relaxing the “no visitors” policy for nursing homes and assisted living centers… somewhat.  We still need to be very careful.  For example, Clarence’s family visits with him on the back porch.  We’re supposed to have all residents and staff tested weekly for the virus… before having visitors.  We’re hoping to have the first round of testing this week.  So here’s Clarence with his daughter Becky and her husband Mike, and again with his daughter Mary.  We didn’t get a picture of his son Wayne and Mary when they were here.  We’re glad some of his family is able to visit him regularly.

Joyce Lawrence returned from North Carolina and spent a few weeks at PG before going to the south Houston field with Ruthie Taplin.  So for a short time we had two additional residents, Karen and Joyce.  We took a picture of the residents including these two temporaries.

We also took a staff picture.  Dominique and Mimi Mille weren’t present, so they have their own picture.

Shawn and Anita Bass were married at PG.  Here they are show with Shawn’s aunt Linda and husband Kent who performed the wedding ceremony.  Later on his wedding day Shawn was bass fishing and got a fish hook stuck in his thumb so far that we had to take him to urgent care!  So… hooked twice in the same day!  This time a 200 lb bass!  (His last name is Bass… he hooked himself).

Fern Duncan turned 90, and got hearing aids!  She’s a happy camper!  Rachel, Karen and Joyce had a gospel meeting here. Karen and I had a visit with dad through a window.  He’s able to hear a lot of our meetings, but is still in lock-down.  His short term memory is very short!  But his long term memory is good (he remembered Karen).

Albert and Maja, with children Ana and Danny McSpadden visited us.  Here they are with Joyce, Kathy, Rachel, Brenda, and Dawn and Wayne Overby.

Last week, one of our field workers, Rachel, was able to have a video call visit via Face-time with Clinton Goff.  Communication was enabled by the social worker who helped amplify what was said. Clinton was able to understand that many are thinking of him and he said “Thank you”.  She explained that we would like to be with him but the current situation prevents it, and she felt he understood.  He is in a declining state… on hospice and bed-fast.

Duane and Joan Hinkley moved to Minnesota.  They’ve been in fellowship here for several years… and will be missed.  Darby brought her dog Clover in to visit the residents… Marybelle loves dogs.  The bird feeder is an important part of daily life at PG!



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