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May 31, 2014

May 2014

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The residents at PG are doing well.  We’ve noticed an improvement in Doris recently, she’s much more aware and involved.  Some days she goes into the kitchen and washes dishes (by hand).  She’s reading better in the morning bible studies.  Mary Jane spends time with her, rubbing her back and talking to her.  We’re not sure what caused the change, but are glad for it.  Teresa continues to do better, Esther is speaking up more often in the studies, all are getting out to the meetings.

We had another granddaughter in May, this time our daughter Karin (who helps us manage PG) and Patrick Kelleher had a daughter, Katelyn.  Here’s her picture with her parents the day she was born and then a picture at her first meeting, 6 days old.  Yes, Karin had that much hair when she was born also!

Katelyn Alexis Kelleher first picture May 9 2014Katelyn Kelleher

There are sure a lot of babies around here, and more on the way!  Here’s Patrick and Katelyn with Don and Oscar Waldo.  Patrick and Don work together at PG.  Then Anna and Evren Furrow with mom (Leona).

Patrick, Katelyn, Don and OscarAnna, Evren and Leona

Mary Jane turned 74 in May.  She’s the youngest of our residents.  In last months post I thanked our staff, so here’s a picture of 3 of them, Melissa with her daughter Kirsten behind, Jennifer and Andrea.  Conchita wasn’t in this picture.  Several others work part-time or volunteer including Salena (Kenny’s fiance), Kathy, Leona and Mireille.

MJ BirthdayMelissa, Kirsten, Jennifer and Andrea

Dominique and Mireille Mille are buying some acreage on the back side of PG and building a house.  Here’s a picture of the Milles, and then of Samuel and Dominique eating Mary Jane’s birthday cake!

Mireille and DominiqueEating MJs cake

Elton Cleveland (96) came to visit his brother Roger (94) who is now in Park Manor nursing home.  Elton stayed at PG during his time here… we sure enjoyed his visit!  He played the piano at the nursing home (shown in the second picture) and at PG… entertaining the residents in both places.

Elton and RogerElton at the piano

Jeff Chenault, his son Trevor and Trevor’s wife Heather came down from PA to work on our construction projects (our home and the Mille home) at PG. The second picture is of Elton and Jeff.  They go to the same meetings in PA.

Heather, Trevor and JeffElton and Jeff

Clarence comes to visit fairly often… the staff enjoy his visits and wish he’d move in!  Ruth, Lorraine, and Betty (from San Antonio) came to visit Betty.

ClarenceRuth, Lorraine, Betty and Betty

Hannah and Jennifer are having a few gospel meetings at PG… which we really appreciate.  Some have accused PG of being a church, which is so ridiculous it’s humorous, but we are glad for a few gospel meetings from time to time.  The second picture is of dad (Jack) on his golf cart (his primary transportation around PG) ready for meeting.

Hannah and JenniferJack

Dominique took this picture of a humming bird at a feeder by the cabin.  I’ve included pictures of the 2 new grand kids, so will add one more picture of the twins, who turned 2 in May.

HummingbirdMaren and Maven




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