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January 31, 2014

January 2014

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Frances McPherson had a stroke in January, was in the hospital, then in the nursing home and is now back in the hospital with multiple problems.  It doesn’t look good for her at this point.  We’re glad we trust in One whose timing is perfect.

Roger Cleveland is still in the Park Manor nursing home.  He improved to a point, but doesn’t seem to be improving further.  His niece, Karen, came down from PA yesterday for a few days visit.  Here he is this morning with Karen, ourselves and the twins.

Ken Maven Roger Karen Maren Kathy

So… we’re down to 8 residents at PG, who are doing reasonably well.  We have room for 13.

Dominique and Mireille Mille moved into the log cabin at PG in November.  Dominique is helping me with business management.  We’re really glad to have them here and for their help.  They’re shown in the first picture below with Christie Fair from BC Canada and Ivan Gibbs from Australia. The second picture is of their son Pierre and his family who live south of Houston.  The third is of their daughter Elisa (Herd) and her family who live near Fort Worth.  Finally there’s a picture of granddad and the 4 grand-kids.

Dominique, Mireille Crystal, Pierre, Bryce and Emma Elisa, Ian, James and Isaac Herd Dominique and grandkids

Our good friends Doug and Vivian Murphy from Los Alamos, NM visited with their son Talus and his temporary coworker Doug Murray.  The first picture is of those 4.  The second is of the 2 Doug’s playing hymns together.  Judy Timmersman was here at the same time.   The third picture is of Judy and Vivian.  A few days later the brothers met at PG, Doug, Talus and Tom Davis.

Doug, Vivian, Doug and Talus Doug and Doug Judy and Vivian Doug, Talus and Tom

Other visitors (that we have pictures of) include Darwin and Karen Witty from Ontario, Samuel’s dad from Mexico, Kristi Bullock and her parents Alan and Marilyn Walker with Jennifer and Hannah, and Duane and Rita Shaffer.

Karen and Duane Samuel and his dad Jennifer, Hannah, Kristi, Marilyn and Alan Duane and Rita

Naomi had another passing out spell, this time in Esther’s room while reading Esther’s mail to her.  Esther got excited, pounded on the wall (forgot she had a button she could push)… the staff hauled Naomi to her bed and she woke up on the way.  This has happened about 6 times over the last year, so no one (except Esther this time) get’s too excited.  It seems to be related to her blood pressure… usually happens in the morning not long after she’s had her medications.

Naomi washed her hair before the morning bible study, and put it up wet in a bun the size and shape of a door knob, right above her forehead.  I didn’t comment so she did… “How do you like my hair do?”  “Aren’t you glad you are a man so you don’t have to mess with long hair?”  (Have you ever felt you were taking a test you hadn’t studied for?!)  Then she added… “I’m glad I’m not a man because then I’d have to shave everyday!”  I decided to leave that one blank!  I did ask if I could take her picture… not a chance!

We have so much to enjoy and be thankful for.


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