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March 31, 2020

March 2020

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March has been a wonderful month… considering.  We started out with a large union meeting, 63 of us with pot luck afterward.  So large we moved it to the residence.  Here are some pictures including one with my 3 granddaughters… sorry!  We didn’t understand that we probably wouldn’t have a meeting like that for a while.

Fern flew to North Carolina to visit friends there.  Her first mission in 1955? was there, and there are a large number of friends from the 8 who made their choice at that time.  Unfortunately, because of the virus, she wasn’t able to see many of them.  But she sure enjoyed her time with Mary Lewis (97).  Her trip alone out there was difficult, so Nyana Thompson returned with her yesterday.  Here’s the Overbys taking her to the airport, and her return with Nyana, and the empty airport yesterday!

We’re so blessed with privileges in this difficult time… the workers (Lyle and Dale) have come to live here in the cabin… we consider them “staff” now.  We have a bible study every morning, and a gospel meeting Sunday afternoon, for the residents and staff.  One of the staff and her husband are listening.  Here’s pictures of Lyle and Dale with Elton, and Lyle mowing with the tractor.  Also  a picture of lunch with the Milles, the workers and ourselves.

Salena (27) and John (94) had birthdays this month.  Here Salena is shown with Shawn, Penny and Abigail.  John is being supervised by his sister Lois and Lyle, with Penny, Abigail and Shawn in the background.

Visitors included my sister Ronda, Destiny and Mike Rosamond.  Also Bert Gentry shown with John and Lois.  Bert and Louise and their 2 children lived in Bear, Delaware, when we were children 26 miles away in Havre de Grace, MD.  Louise passed away last year, and Bert moved to the Dallas area to help his brother.  Unfortunately, we were away when he was here… but we hope he’ll return.  He was originally from Tennessee, and knew the Culvers from years ago.

Other visitors included Sharon and Gary Nordic from Colorado, who were her to visit their son, Ty and Amy.  They’re shown here with Dale De Raad.  Also Nelson and Heather Whelan from my home part in MD, shown with Lois and John.

Finally, our granddaughters, Maven and Maren, feeding Ty Nordic’s horses Black Jack and Skitch, who are currently in our horse pasture.  And Vince who has had his spring haircut!

We’re “locked down” with no more visitors now, but healthy and enjoying fellowship.

Thanks for your interest in us here.


February 29, 2020

February 2020

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February has been wonderful.  Special meeting time in Texas.  The workers meeting was here again.

There were about 55 of us for lunch afterward at the residence.  HL Hill had given us about 60 bass fillets, so we fried fish!

Yesterday was Mimi Mille’s birthday, so we had another group lunch.  My sister Ronda and Mike Rosamond are here from Arkansas, and Dad was with us.

Ken and Mary MacAdams were here the end of last month and the beginning of February, from New Mexico.

David Cleveland was here several days visiting Elton, and had a visit with Martin Wilson.

Lynden and Nadene Laird with Earlyn Laird visited Fern.  Fern likes her Amaryllis.

Patty Maki had a birthday this month.  Marilyn Stafford and Joanna Bishop came from Louisiana to visit Gilbert and Lois.

Harold and Anna VanSickle visited Marilynn Frye.  Mike and Carol Martin visited Alice.  Lyle and Grace Burchill came with LeRoy Sandford.

Shawn Bass was visiting, and has decided to work at PG.  Here he’s with Penny Clinton. Jennifer Maddoux left, so Shawn will be filling that position.  Dad was here several times, but still isn’t able to stay full time.  Here he’s with John and Della.  Anna Laura from Mexico visited again.  Here she’s singing Spanish hymns with Ronald and Alice.

Paul and Paula Hoover and sons Jesse and Nelson just arrived, will be here for Union meeting tomorrow.  Here they are with Mike and Ronda and Kathy.  Paula’s sister Becky and Mike Hapner are in Ronda and Mike’s meeting in Arkansas.

Thanks for your care.




January 31, 2020

January 2020

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All at PG are doing fairly well.  Some new medicine has made a big difference for Fern.  She’s smiling a lot more!  Gilbert vomited blood and spent a night in the hospital, but they didn’t find anything wrong.  Dad went to the hospital twice with chest pain, but they couldn’t find anything wrong.  Marybelle has to use a wheel chair sometimes due to hip pain. Other times she gets around fine with her walker.  Elton, John, Lois and Alice have started using walkers, at least some of the time.  So the only ones not using a walker are Ronald, Gilbert and Della!

Don Barber, Randy Satterfield, David and Rebecca Larson came to PG to see Mr. Gilbert.  The morning they came we took him to the hospital, so they went to see him there.  Kathy and I were away when Dad was sent to the emergency room (twice).  Here Kenny is with him.

Dan Wilbur’s brother John came for special meeting rounds.  Dan and Liz brought him to PG.  Here’s Dan and John and then a sing they had while here.

Four birthdays in January.  Mr. Gilbert turned 96, Marybelle 94, Della 87 and Penny (one of the staff) 43.

Dennis and Carol Printz came to take LeRoy Lerwick to their place in Midland.  He then traveled on to family in South Dakota.  Here are Dennis, Carol, LeRoy and Lyle.  Also Lavern Branson visited Marybelle, and Sharon and Ralph Barndt came from Wyoming and visited Della.

Frank and Wanda Burhans visited from Missouri.  Here they’re with Ronald, Gilbert, John and Marybelle.  Della’s daughter Chris and her husband Mike came for Della’s birthday.  Robert Klingler visited, shown here with Ronald.

Ken and Mary MacAdams from New Mexico arrived this evening for the weekend.  We had supper with Kathy’s aunt Jane (Morsted) Jacobsen and her 3 daughters, Faith Braaksma, Jennifer Burdick (and her husband Eldon) and Monica Bergh.

We had several visitors we didn’t get pictures of… as usual.  Sure glad for all who visit!



December 31, 2019

December 2019

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Our 9 residents are doing fairly well.  Here’s a picture taken this morning. Note that the ages of the residents are given in the Residents at PG page in the upper right corner of this blog.

Elton Cleveland, Gilbert Reese, Ronald Elliott, John Culver

Alice Oetken, Della Bolt, Fern Duncan, Marybelle Armstrong, Lois Culver

Clinton Goff, in a nursing home here, has gone down some.  We haven’t seen him out of bed this month.  He’s more confused and more difficult to communicate with.

We had a lot of visitors at Christmas.  Ruth Warner came from Mississippi to visit Lois and brought Dorothy Eygabroad from Louisiana with her.  Mona Reece came to visit Marybelle.  Rachel Potter came to see Alice and brought Ruth Taplin with her.  LeRoy Lerwick was with us for a few days while Lyle was away.  One of our staff, Penny Clinton, had surgery, so Patty Maki filled in for a few weeks.  Here’s pictures of most of them, along with the cooks.  We even had Shoo Fly pie!

James and Jan Coker brought Steve Peirson down to see Fern.  They went to Clarence’s for meeting Sunday with Elton and the Milles.

Myra and Ray Klepzig were here for Union Sunday.  Sandra Browning visited, shown with the Milles, Ruth Dorothy and Alice.  Carol and Mike Martin visited Alice.

The Overby’s had their daughter Kari and family here.  Parker Vybrial, Luis Rosas, Roy Rosas and Justin Bartz came for a day.  Luis and Justin are part-time staff at the residence.  Tony and Donna Hottell visited.

Della’s nephew Charles and Angela Strong visited.  Also her daughter Della Mae and great grandson Jonathan visited.  Her grandson Adam visited from New York.

Both Ronald and Lois turned 92 in December.

Dad (Jack Newman) is content in an assisted living facility with 24/7 care in Conroe.  Here he’s ready to go with us to meeting, with Dylan and Katelyn and then Dylan feeding a donkey in dad’s assisted living center (only in Texas!).

If you don’t like the weather in southeast Texas, come in December!  It’s beautiful!

Happy New Year!


November 30, 2019

November 2019

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All 9 residents are doing fairly well.  As mentioned last month, Dad (Jack) was moved into a type B assisted living center in Conroe November 1.  He has improved somewhat… is able to get out to meetings and family functions, but still needs 24/7 care that we can’t provide at PG.  We hope that will change.  Here are pictures of him in the assisted living place he is in now, with our 6 grandchildren and with Elton.

Marybelle’s relatives took her to Austin for Thanksgiving, and Della’s daughters took her to Woodville for Thanksgiving.

There were lots of visitors at PG in November.  Unfortunately we didn’t get pictures of all of them.  LeRoy Sandford and Randy Satterfield visited, shown here together, then LeRoy with Mr. Gilbert, and then singing.

Jeff and Patricia Oliver, Fred and Sue Fite, and Berry and Jessie Mulford from Oklahoma visited.

Brad and Alicia Wade with Maggie, Mia and Ryder, then Ray and Myra Klepzig, and then John and Rachelle  Roberson, Stephen and Michael visited.

Don and Charlotte Shaner from Virginia visited.  Patty Maki has started working part-time… we’re glad for her help.  Here she’s with Salena and Justin.  Luis Rosas turned 23 in November.

Kathy and I took our yearly trip to Aberdeen Scotland.  Here’s Alex Main waiting in his doorway for us to come to Sunday meeting, and the workers there, Edgar Lowe and Keith Drury.

We also went to my brother’s for Thanksgiving.  Here are the 3 Newmans with their spouses, Kathy and Ken, Ronda and Mike Rosamond, Ann and Brent. Also the 4 workers that were there, Jennifer Grady, Joyce Lawrence, Mary Hammack, and Suzanne McCorkell.




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