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June 30, 2023

June 2023

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June is turning out to be the hottest month yet. We are really glad for the air conditioning around these parts. Thankfully when people come to visit they like to sit around inside and talk. We have had no shortage of visitors again this month.

Karen’s long time friends, Alicia Weaver and Barbara Ballentine, came for a few days visit. Barbara and Karen have known each other since they were girls. Barbara went in the work 2 years after Karen. Elton was extra glad to have them here together. Here they are in front of the piano.

Barbara thought it would be nice to take Alice to visit with Fern. Here they are around Fern for a visit, and again just Alice and Fern. Karen took this picture of Barbara and Bella, and labeled it “Bliss”. Unfortunately, on one of our 100 degree days, Bella did what she loved to do… swam and ran through the pecan orchard, and died, we think of over heating. So… unfortunately, this is the last picture of our dear Bella.

While our visitors were here we had another temporary resident arrive at Pecan Grove. A very small Kitten that we named Squeaks, who was quite the welcome distraction around here. Here are some photos of the happy residents wanting to meet him.

Shortly after Karen and Alicia left we had several more visitors. Franz and Sally Holzmann from New Braunfels came to visit Louis and Elsie who had been their next door neighbors. Here they are sitting together on the couch.

Marie had been invited to spend some time away with Tony and Donna Hottel who came for lunch to pick her up. They saw Squeaks and offered to take him off our hands which was much to Marie’s delight because she got to hold him the whole car ride. Here they are on the couch before lunch.

Hannah Bassham’s sister, Michelle, and her three girls Sadie, Willow, and Hazel came for a visit. Here they are in front of the fireplace with Marie, Marilynn, Joyce and Esther.

The Mille’s daughter, Elisa, and her family came for a nice visit. Elisa and Ian Herd with their three sons: Isaac, James and Eli and their cousin, Bryce. Here they all are in front of the fireplace Marilynn, Marie and Esther.

Marilynn’s good friend, Cynthia Abate, came for a visit. She went with Elton to see Gilbert and Fern also. Here they are with Gilbert, and again with Esther and Marilynn in front of the fire place.

Our Enhabit home health nurse was very kind to us this month and decided to put on a little dehydration seminar. Here are all the residents drinking it in.

We had two birthdays this month Joyce and Dominique (his birthday was in May but we celebrated it in June). Abigail has been splitting the cake-making duties with Salena and they are both masters of their craft. Here are the animated celebraters and their cakes. Lastly a third birthday, for Terry Hoffman, celebrated at Patty Maki’s after Wednesday evening meeting.

June has been hot but beautiful. Here are some photos of the verdant property and assorted creatures. Kenny finds them while mowing and puts them back in the woods.

Thank you for your consideration of us here at PG.


May 31, 2023

May 2023

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Della Bolt went down quickly after leaving PG March 10th, and passed away peacefully May 1. She was 90 years old. Much was said at her funeral by her daughter Henrietta, nephew Charles Strong, Esther Duncan and Rich Raschke, to remind us of what a wonderful spiritual and strong woman Della was. We are grateful for the 4 years she had at PG with us. Email Ken if you’d like the link to an audio of her funeral.

April showers have continued into May. Which for us means more mowing! The rain didn’t stop the visitors though, we have had several special visits this month. Beginning with a few visits from our workers. Talus and Lyle stopped by for lunch, and on a separate occasion several sisters stopped by. Mary Simon, Jennifer Bartels and Jennifer Lester. Mary had just returned from Central America and shared some stories of her time there.

We also enjoyed a revisit from Gwen Farmer. She was accompanied by several other sisters who were traveling together. Here they are together. It was nice of them to offer for our residents to take a sister workers photo with them.

Elton had a visit from some old friends, Aaron and Lori Stallings. Here they are with Karen and Elton.

Our old friends from the East Coast Jim and Linda Bolt came for the funeral of their aunt Della. Jim grew up with Ken in Maryland and knows the family well. Several other visitors are shown below.

Karen thought it would be nice to take Elton to see Fern and Gilbert. Here they are together with Gilbert, and again in Ferns’ room for a visit.

Joyce had a family of old friends from Nebraska come visit, she really enjoyed the special time. Here they are in front of the piano.

Mckynna, Gus, Linken, Joanna and Shay Hottell.

The Schroeder’s grand-daughter Candace Sandon and her three kids came for a few day visit. They enjoyed making puzzles with Elsie and even worked with her to cook dinner for the residents. Here they are being read to by Marilynn, and putting together puzzles. The boys loved being outside, swimming in the pool, fishing and pedaling the pedal boat on the lake. They picked a fresh pond Lilly from the lily pads for the table.

May saw several big birthdays the first of which was Kathy, who turned 72! We celebrated all of the family’s May birthdays at once, and here are the happy birthday girls. They wanted an ocean themed cake, so Salena delivered.

We have had a few moments for candid shots this month. Here is Ken getting advice from Elton on how to clean gutters, Ronald getting a hair cut, and Marie working with Karen to make omelets. Last we have our resident mothers celebrating mothers day together, and the newest “resident” of the week a tree frog.

We really appreciate your continued interest in us here at PG.

Kenny and Ken

April 30, 2023

April 2023

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First, we would like to say that Jack Newman has passed. He died on the 8th of April, and his service and burial were on the 15th. All of the Newman family were able to attend, as well as many well-wishers who knew and loved Jack. We are forever grateful for the outpouring of love and support from those who knew him, and are happy that he has found peace.

We seldom get all of the Newman family together in one place, so we took the opportunity to take a few group photos!

There were several birthdays this month, and visitors to match. First, Kenny turned 31. Here he is with his Panda cake. All 6 of the grandchildren wanted to be a part of the photos, and the gift opening. Anita had returned from her trip to Mexico with goat meat, so it was goat taco day. We had many hungry takers, how special!

Next we had three birthdays all back-to-back. Shawn first, and then Ken and Alice on the same day! Alice’s nieces Carol Martin and Barbara Davies were here too early to celebrate with her on her birthday, so they celebrated with pie instead. Here she is enjoying her guests. Shortly afterward, another niece and frequent visitors, Marian and Roger Fryer, were here on her birthday which made it quite the week for Alice!

We also appreciated a special visit from one of Ronald’s old companions, William Berger. He rode along with Dickie Beeman, who both wanted to come see Ronald and impart greetings. William works in Mexico, so it was very nice to hear some of his stories. Here they are together out front.

Esther was warmly surprised to hear that her niece, Rachel Quiroga, would be visiting us from Florida. She came for several days and they had plenty of time to catch up and pal around. Rachel enjoys cooking and hiking, so she was very pleased to help out in the kitchen and explore the grounds.
Here they are with Anita before going shopping, and again before hiking.

Louis and Elsie received a quick visit from their son and his wife, Don and Becky Schroeder. Don had just been hunting and brought us some wonderful meat to try: Oryx! He grilled it for the residents and it was a hit! Here they are on the porch enjoying the sunshine and Don grilling away.

We also had a few day visitors; Lynden and Laird came from North Carolina to see Fern. Here they are with Fern and again at Pecan Grove.

We had a lunch visit from two different families. The Klors: Scott, Kim, Saige and Haydon. Here they are posing with Alice and Marilynn. They were going horse-back riding at Ty Nordic’s just down the road, and decided to stop by. Another day we were joined by the Uzzells: Jennifer, Jolee, Julia, and Saige, who enjoyed helping Elsie with the jigsaw puzzle.

Spring has been bountiful! Karen had the bright idea to take some of the residents on a safari. They went to search for bluebonnets and had a blast. Here they are with their treasured flowers, as well as a few shots of the kids playing in the same flowers.

Shawn and Anita have moved! Not very far, but it is a big move. The downstairs of the old wood barn has been converted into a barndominium. They could not be more excited about the extra space! Here they are happily cleaning their new place, and moving in.

Thanks for your interest in PG!

Kenny & Ken

March 31, 2023

March 2023

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March has been eventful. The first day of March we had several visitors. The visitors in the picture below from back left were Silas Gartin, Leland Broughton, Rich Raschke, Karen Cleveland, Jon Peterson and Sue Dawson.

Sadly, after nearly 4 years with us, Della Bolt had to be moved from our care to an assisted living facility, The Orchard, near her daughter Della Mae in Woodville TX. She had steadily been going down over the course of last year, and was increasingly getting her nights and days mixed up. This all culminated in a very bad fall where she broke her right wrist. She was admitted to the hospital the next day, where she was fitted with a pacemaker before they could operate on the wrist. Her wrist is now in a cast, and is being supported by 4 metal plates. She has recovered well from the ordeal and is now resting comfortably at The Orchard. Della Mae is in to see her nearly everyday and reports that she is happy and content, which makes us happy! Here she is resting up at her new accommodations and in the last morning study at PG.

The first big birthday this month was our very own manager Salena, who turned 30! Abigail went all out to make an amazing lavender cake, complete with dried lavender for the table. Here is Salena displaying her fragrant prize, Statue of Liberty style!

Next we have Esther, who turned 89 this year. It seems that great minds must think alike because she received no less than 4 flower deliveries and potted flowers as beautiful gifts. She was quite touched by all the love she was shown, and said that she will be quite busy with responding to all of her cards! Here she is with her flowers and cake.

We’ve had a wonderful first at PG. Clarence’s headaches from his brain tumor have continued to lessen, to the point he was able to go back in the work! He’s now in this north Houston field with Rich Raschke and currently having gospel meetings here on Sunday afternoons. They returned to celebrate his 82nd birthday with us. Most are aware that Clarence loves coffee and cayenne pepper, so Abigail made him a pepper birthday cake.

Here are several other visitors from March.

Karen Cleveland has been temporarily in the south Houston field this month and able to visit her dad often. Since Karen has been here we have more candid photos of the residents and staff.

We have had some gorgeous weather here and spring is in full bloom! All these pictures were taken at PG.

Thanks for your interest in us here!

Kenny and Ken

February 28, 2023

February 2023

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We started this month similar to the last, with two birthdays at once! Patty Maki and David Cleveland both had birthdays on the third. He had just flown back from treating himself to a Mexican get-away and decided to spend his birthday with his dad. Here they are enjoying their cake!

David’s sister, Elton’s daughter, Karen Cleveland arrived from Colombia on Valentines Day. She’s been here visiting her dad, and leaves tomorrow (March 1) to be with Ruth Taplin in the south Houston field for a couple months before going to conventions on the west coast. Here are the 3 Clevelands.

David, Elton and Karen Cleveland

The Houston special meetings were last week, and the workers’ meeting was here at PG so our worker residents could attend. We sent the picture before, but here it is again with red lettering instead of yellow. The yellow was difficult to read.

After the workers meeting, the workers came to the residence and the local friends helped with lunch. There were about 65 of us together. Wonderful fellowship! Our visitors the night before were Joe, Lyle, Ray and Emmy.

February being the shortest month doesn’t seem to slow down our visitor rate! We have had several visits from old friends, as well as our special meeting rounds. We had a lengthy visit from a few New Yorkers here to see Fern. Two sisters, Pearline Smith and Angela Obuseli, along with their friend Eleanor Derrick. Here they are posing with Fern, then with Karin, Dylan, Katelyn and Marilynn. Fern and Gilbert Reese are in the same nursing home, Park Manor Conroe. Here’s a better picture of Fern with Kathy and Ken, and Gilbert with Elton.

We also received a warm visit from a few of Elton’s East Coast friends, Jeff and Tracy Chenault. Jeff grew up around Ken and knew Jack from way back. Here they are together visiting Jack, with Elton, and at Milles’ with Milles and the 3 ladies from NY.

Elton was the main character for a while. He had several visits from dear friends, all back-to-back! Here he is with George and Maureen Aliprandi from Connecticut, and Maureen’s mother Ernestine and her husband, John Richardson, from Louisiana. Also visits with Fern and Gilbert at the nursing home.

Elton also had a great time with a quick visit from Gerry and Margaret Gunderson. Margaret brought Elton’s favorite: Fudge! Here he is displaying his prize.

Eileen Weiss visited the Schroeders on her way from Colorado to special meetings in Mexico. Becky Hapner brought her mother, Joyce Thompson, for a visit. The Trobaugh family, Brandon, Alisha, Summer and Autumn, visited, shown here with Clarence. Kathy’s sister Kim and Scott Schneider visited from Minneapolis.

Clarence Mounce went to be active in the work again after special meeting on Sunday! He’ll be in this field with Rich Raschke for a while. We enjoyed having Gwen Farmer, who spent a few weeks here at PG recovering from a fall. Here’s Clarence with Marie and Gwen with Joyce.

Today is Mimi Mille’s birthday. We missed Dominique, who is in France visiting his mother. Kyle Overby is here visiting his grandparents, Wayne and Dawn, and was in the study with us this morning. Mimi helped the Schroeders on their very difficult jigsaw puzzle. Earlier in the month their son Don came to visit and helped them get going on the same puzzle.

This is the last day of February… wildflowers already! We’re happy!

The short month of February has been wonderful and busy! Thanks for your interest in us here.

Ken and Kenny

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