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May 31, 2012

May 2012

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We had several special privileges at PG in May.  Philip Farris came to spend some time with Frank.  Here’s a self portrait Philip took of himself and the “Francolator”.  Also Philip speaking to a group around the table.  We really appreciated his visit and help!


You may have heard that Della Bolt’s house in Pasadena burned down while she was at special meeting.  A 14 year old homeless girl had been watching her house and knew she left on Sunday mornings.  She broke in to steal, but when she saw all the pictures of family, friends and workers, she got jealous and decided to burn the house down.  Mary Sitton arranged to have a shower for Della at PG.  There were about 70 of us there.  Mary arranged for several to play music, sing, read poetry, etc.  The following photos show Della with two daughters and families, mom (Leona Newman) and Della, group pictures, Danny McSpadden playing the violin and Mary Sitton playing and singing.  Della now has a new mobile home on Kent and Linda Opel’s property in Pearland.

The 3 Turner boys from San Antonio visited and played for us.  The first picture shows Dustin, Colin and Blake Turner playing.  The next is the group listening and then the lunch we had together.

Since Lounell and Marianna left in January we’ve been looking for two full-time staff members.  In May two new full-time joined us, Virginia McKnight and Kathleen Stancliff.  The following pictures show Virginia and then Kathleen with her 2 girls, Shannon and Rebekah.  We’re glad to get back to full staffing, and thankful for the part-time staff that have helped in the mean time.

Corey Stephens was one of the part-time staff.  This picture taken on his last day shows Karin, Virginia, Corey, Cindy, Kathy, Ken, Leona, and Jack.  We’ll miss Corey’s cooking and help in the bible studies!  The second picture is of Ruthie Topinka and Joyce Lawrence who visit regularly from their south Houston field.  Joyce’s mom, Betty, is one of our residents.

I sent a message earlier in the month about the identical twin girls, Maren and Maven, being born to our daughter, Karla and Brendan Furrow.  The first picture below shows Karla and Jenny Waldo comparing stomachs before the twins were born.  Don and Jenny are still awaiting their daughter.  The second picture is of Maren and Maven, then the new grandparents and the great-grandparents.  If you’re interested in further pictures see the link in the upper right to the blog of Brendan and Karla Furrow.  Maren and Maven haven’t visited PG yet, but hope to do so in June.

Birthdays in May included Mike Rosamond, married to my sister Ronda, (Mike does pecan farming during the day and coon hunting at night) and Kathy.

So far the pecans are doing well, but we’re concerned about another draught this year.  The following shows a fertilizer truck fertilizing the pecans and some young pecans.  Harvest is in October.  Last year we had no pecans because of the draught.

No snake pictures this month! 🙂




















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