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August 31, 2022

August 2022

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Fern became weaker until she couldn’t get out of bed on her own.  She was taken to the hospital, then to the Park Manor nursing home where Gilbert Reese stays.  Soon after reaching the nursing home she had her 92nd birthday.  Salena made her a cake, and took Marie and Marilynn in with her to have a little party for Fern.  Gilbert was able to attend also. Fern is receiving some PT and OT, but with her arthritis pain she isn’t motivated to recover her ability to get around on her own.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like she’ll be able to return to PG.

Dominique’s father took a turn for the worse in the south of France, so Dominique went to be with him.  He passed away not long after Dominique arrived.  Dominique stayed for the funeral and to take care of things there.  He was glad the French brothers, Dean Affleck and Deon Swanepoel came to be with him a few days.  While he was gone, Mimi’s nephew, Thomas and Melissa, from France visited Mimi, as well as Pierre and Elisa


Jack Newman turned 89 in August.  Kenny and Salena took a birthday dessert in for him.  He continues to decline on hospice.

Ken and Kathy went to France for convention and then some vacation on the Rhine river and in Holland.  When they returned they made a presentation and Gouda cheese tasting for the residents, Overby’s and Basses.  Wayne and Dawn’s son Kory and family were visiting and so were included.


Candice Sandon visited her grandparents, Louis and Elsie, along with her 3 children, AJ, Miles and Brenna, and her mother in law, Julie.  The boys made mashed potatoes.  Miles made a sign for those who are familiar with Elsa in Frozen.  Sylvia McPherson and Pauline Waterreus from San Antonio visited and brought sour dough bread!


Slade Nordic has moved into our new apartment in the barn dominium we are creating from the old wooden barn.  He’s also working on the farm and helping with the barn dominium.  He brought his dog, Bear, who enjoys playing with our dog, Bella.  Here are pictures of the barn dominium, Bella and Bear swimming, and Slade mowing “snake island” which is on the lake in front of the residence.

Since Kenny and Salena moved here they’ve been taking pictures, showing how the recent rain made things grow and the sunsets.  We do have some pecans, but don’t expect a significant pecan harvest.  The black dots are “scab” which is a fungus that hinders the growth of the nuts.


Thanks for your interest in PG!

Ken and Kenny

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