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January 31, 2022

January 2022

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This year got off to a little bit of a rocky start for our residents. We have had two ER visits. First, Marie had a stroke. She came out for breakfast and then when we went to call her for lunch, she was complaining of dizziness.  She said she may have had a stroke, so we called 911. The doctors said that the stroke did not have anything to do with the brain tumor she has had for a few years.  She recovered fairly quickly has been doing well since. Here is a picture of Marie looking chipper, once she finally got settled into a hospital room.

Marilynn was our second resident to visit the ER month. She had a fall in her bathroom and landed hard on her left knee. X-rays confirmed that she fractured her patella (knee cap), so she has been taking it easy in a wheel chair with her leg out stretched in order to heal.  Lastly, Esther Duncan spent several weeks in TN visiting and having dental work done.  While there she contracted covid, but fortunately wasn’t too sick.  She returned to PG last week, and is very happy to be back.

Lois, still in Park Manor nursing home, has been recovering from covid this week. She had no symptoms except fatigue. Many visited her during the month.  Unfortunately she has made little progress with physical therapy, so it seems likely she will be staying at Park Manor.  On the left and center are pictures of her visiting with Marie and Anita before the covid scare; on the right is her most recent photo during Salena’s visit Sunday.  She’s still in the covid wing of the nursing home, so visiting is difficult with full PPE.  Hopefully she will be moved out of the covid wing later this week.  Without Lois we have 8 residents (see the updated list using the link in the upper right corner).

Lois’s sister, Sue Culver, from KY and their nephew, Tim Bradley, came to visit Lois and stayed at PG.  Here they are at PG… we don’t have a picture of them with Lois.  Clarence Mounce is in our field with Rich Raschke.  When Rich went to New Mexico for special meetings, Clarence stayed with the Overbys here on the farm for awhile.  Here’s a group of us with Clarence at the Overbys one evening.  The fire pit wasn’t needed!  Unfortunately Clarence has health problems that need treatment by his doctors in the Austin area, so he is there now.

We have had several other visitors this month. Our first visitors came on the first of the year! They must have been anxious to see us! The Taylors came to visit a few of the workers that they knew well; Rex and Martha and their daughter, Brittany. Here they are sitting with Fern, Alice and Marilynn.   Roger and Cheryl Anderson visited from Minnesota, shown here with another Minnesotan, Marilynn.  Diann Newhouse and Sue Dawson came to this area for a funeral and came by PG for a visit.

Della’s grandson, Mark visited.  Elton’s grand daughter, Leah Griffin, with husband, Daron, and daughter Isla came from GA.  Daron’s mother, Cheryl Griffin, sister, Angela Schroeder and her husband Theron and their 3 kids Everett, Lewis and Camille came also. Elton enjoyed his great-granddaughter Isla!

Elton’s son, David, (Leah’s father) is here now from PA.  Kathy’s sister, Pat Johnson, (Iowa) and aunt, Jane Jacobsen (Montana – stays near here during the winter) and Ty Nordic are in the middle picture.  Ty and Amy Nordic live a few miles from PG.  Ty has been coming to the morning bible studies and then leading us in exercises after the study.  Most of the residents are able to participate in the exercises.  Nelson and Heather Whelan visited again from Ken’s home area in MD.

Della turned 89 in January.  We had some animal visitors, Ty brought his horse for a ride at PG and visited the residents.  Shawn and Anita brought their dog Bayla also.

Thanks for your interest in PG.

Ken and Kenny

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