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December 31, 2018

December 2018

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On December 11th we set a new record… the ambulance had to come to PG twice!  At breakfast Gilbert passed out and was taken to the ER.  They kept him overnight for observation, but couldn’t find anything wrong.  He’s wearing a heart monitor for a month.  Then at supper one of our staff, Penny Clinton, had a grand mal seizure!  She had never had a seizure before.  She was in the hospital overnight and now takes seizure medication.  Otherwise all are doing fine.  John has had a lot of doctor appointments, with hopes that they will do a TAVR heart valve replacement in early January.

Nelson and Heather Whelan visited from Maryland.  We know them from our years in Maryland, and they know Lois well.  Lois had her 91st birthday.

We had two large groups come to visit.  The first group below is the Spunaugle & Willhoite family from Redbud Canyon were here on their way to a cruise.  Glenn wasn’t with them… he was at the convention in Haiti and joined them before the cruise.  The Uzzells, Jinks and Van Houtens also visited.

Ana Laura Olivares helped out at PG a few weeks.  Here she’s with Sarah, Rachel and Alice.  Ronda Stidolph was here for a gospel meeting, shown here with the Potter family.

Kathy’s sister, Pat Johnson who is on the Iowa staff came for a visit.  Also the Overby’s daughter Kari and Del Campbell visited.  Bo and Jearene Nettles from Mississippi visited Gilbert.

We had several other visitors, but unfortunately we didn’t get pictures.

It rained a lot in December… again.  Over 8″ one day.  PG is on a hill, so water runs off well, but the lakes do overflow.

Happy New Year!


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