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October 31, 2014

October 2014

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Sadly, the time came for Mary Jane Pike to leave us.  Her dementia had reached a point that she needed to be in a special facility.  Her family found a place for her in Mount Airy, NC called Twelve Oaks.  Jennifer Grady, Waverley Pierson and Daniel Farris came to take her.  Here are pictures of them with Conchita, Samuel and Hector, and then leaving.  I just heard from Waverley that they’ve arrived and all went better than expected.

Daniel, Conchita, Samuel, Hector, Jennifer, Mary Jane and WaverleyJennifer, Mary Jane, Daniel, Waverley

We hope Mary Jane settles well into her new place.  It’s sad to see someone in such good physical shape but so confused…

Only 3 of our residents were able for convention this year, Bea, Jean and Teresa.  The rest were able to listen in the residence, which they really appreciated.

Two birthdays in October, Naomi turned 86  and Teresa turned 94.

Naomi turns 86Teresa turns 94

Visitors in October included Stephen and Daniel Bentz with Dorthy and Scottie Scott.  Stephen had spent time with the Milles in Vietnam, and didn’t realize they were here!  Also Hector’s wife Betty visited, shown here with Conchita and Samuel.

Stephen, Scottie, Dorthy, Dominique, Mimi, DanielHector, Betty Escaamilla with Conchita and Samuel Valdez

LeRoy Sanford came by after Mountain Peak, shown here with Daniel Farris.  LeRae Sullivan visited Don and Jenny Waldo and their kids Oscar, Jaina and Ava.

LeRoy adn DanielLaRae Sullivan, Don, Jenny, Jaina, Ava Waldo

Our residents enjoy the kids, here’s Naomi with Ava Waldo, Doris with Katelyn Kelleher (who sits still), and Doris with Evren Furrow (who doesn’t!).  Also a picture of Kathy’s sister Kim Schneider from Minneapolis and our 4 grand-kids.

Naomi and AvaDoris and KatelynDoris and EvrenKimmy and kids

David Bolt (from Newry PA) comes to PG to work with his son Travis about once a month.  This picture shows Karin, Travis, Patrick, Katelyn and David.  Bob and Cindy Erickson moved to Washington state.  Cindy worked at PG for over a year, a few years ago.  This is a picture from their going away get together at Colson’s.  We miss them in our meeting!

Karin, Travis, Patrick, Katelyn, DavidBob and Cindy Erickson

Ken Johnson told us something at Georgetown I wish I’d heard earlier… you don’t prune a fig tree!  In 2013 our fig tree had many small figs.  We decided to prune it in hopes of getting larger figs.  It worked… we got a lot fewer, larger figs (see picture in July 2014 post).  Then the fig tree promptly died!  Here’s a picture of a much smaller fig tree at Georgetown, taken in October, which has figs on it!  And a picture of our pruned, dead tree.  We’ll leave it till next spring to see if there is any life, but we don’t have much hope.  I wonder what that fig tree in the vineyard thought watching the vines get pruned?

Fig tree at GeorgetownOur fig tree

The pecan harvest continued in October.  They are now all in the pecan room being dried… some have already been cleaned.  We probably have about 10,000 lbs (in shell)… far more than any previous year.  The crows and squirrels never showed up this year!  The second picture is of a Chinese persimmon tree that bears a lot of fruit… we don’t really know what to do with the persimmons.  They’re sweet and tasty, but not a very nice consistency.

PecansChinese Persimmon


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