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November 2, 2011

October 2011

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Chuck and Carylon Porter (no relation to Frank) brought Evelyn Wilson from North Carolina to be at Pecan Grove.  We’re sure glad to have her here!

Now there are 10 residents at PG.  The facility was built with 10 apartments, so we would be full.  However, we’re modifying two of the larger apartments to be 2 bedroom.  When that work is complete our capacity will be 12.  Our Assisted Living License with the State of Texas allows us to have up to 14.  The 10 residents are shown below.  Standing are Teresa Goff, Jean Hagemeiere, Frank Porter, Betty Lawrence, Bea Jecmenek.  Seated are Esther Potts, Naomi Nicolson, Evelyn Wilson, Doris Crawford and Frances McPherson.

All 10 residents and 4 employees were able to attend Georgetown convention, so for the first time in 2.5 years, the residence was closed.

As I mentioned last month, the meeting at PG is being divided into 2 meetings.  The picture below is of one of the last large meetings we’ll have.  The second picture is of Dora Gilmore who visited between the two Georgetown conventions.

Some other visitors…

A few months ago I showed pictures of the damage wild hogs have done on the farm.  Mike was able to kill one out of a pack of them.  We haven’t seen them since.  We found a new way to deliver groceries!

The weather’s beautiful, birds are beautiful, but we sure need rain!  We had over 2 inches in October but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to what we need.



July 1, 2011

June 2011

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We’re half way through 2011 already!  All are well at Pecan Grove.  Doris has had some bad days, but is on the mend and is hoping to get to Downings in August.  Bea has gone to Dallas for a couple of weeks to visit her sister, so there are o7 residents here currently.  We’re looking forward to Naomi Nicholson coming to stay with us, arriving August 22nd, if all goes as planned.  Three sisters, Emma, Alice and Joyce (in the first picture below) are visiting at the moment, heading towards Happy. Ronda’s friend from Virginia, Sue Holladay, was here for a visit also.  For those who may have missed it, my sister Ronda is the manager at Pecan Grove now.

Doris had a birthday, and Michaela Dotson came and played for the residents.

We’re building a new farm house, where Terry and Kim Hoffman will live.  The old one they are in has a poor foundation, and will be torn down.  A group of Ronda and Mike’s relatives went swimming in the lake.  The picture below shows their mode of transportation.  I’ll refrain from any comments about neck color!

We’ve put grass eating carp in our 2 lakes.  The carp cleaned up the hydrilla in the small lake, so we’re trying to catch some of them and move them to the large lake. This shows me holding one of the carp and the large lake.  Note the hydrilla under the surface.

The drought hasn’t hurt the lily pads in the lake!  We do have some pecans on the trees, but this isn’t shaping up to be a good harvest.  The picture shows a baby pecan.

This is completely off topic, but for those of you who may know the family, we went to a family reunion for Kathy’s mom’s family in Medora ND, followed by convention at Dagmar, MT.  It was good to leave this HOT DRY climate and spend a week in the cold and WET.  The following picture is of Kathy’s mom’s two remaining sisters, Margie Willumsen and Jane Jacobson.  The second picture shows Kathy with a bunch of her cousins.  There is one guy, but he escaped before pictures were taken.


December 2, 2010


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It’s hard to believe that November is over already!  At the beginning of November we realized we had a significant problem with our beaver(s) again.  The fountain in the lake stopped working.  When we retrieved it we found that the beavers had cut several of the electric cables and had chewed holes in the floats!  We used a motion sensitive camera to get a picture of what we believe to be the major culprit.  Here he is, along with a hole in a float that he made.

We’ve tried hunting him, trapping him, shooting into his house…. so far he’s outwitted us.  We try to save face by saying we must have gotten that one, and another one has moved in!  But we don’t have any proof.  At the end of the month he’d repaired the damage we’d done to his house.  We encased the fountain in a wire mesh and now have it up and running again.

Of course deer season opened in November.  Mike got several…. here he is with an 8 point buck.  Fishing was still good at Thanksgiving time – Doris caught a bunch, held here by Hailee.

We had 25 for Thanksgiving at the Senior Residence.  Too much food… wonderful visits.


September 26, 2009

September’s Almost Over

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We’ve had some wonderful privileges since the last post.  Frances McPherson joined us at Pecan Grove.  Her daughter Patty Maki, and her husband Dale, have moved to this area and are buying a home. Joyce and Andrea had a wonderful mission and 5 made their choice here.  One was baptized in the lake at PG. We have a new resident coming in October, Evelyn Kuck.  She knows most of the residents here already, and they’re excited to hear she’s coming.

It finally started to rain!  The pecans are just about ready to harvest but the deer, squirrels and crows are taking a lot.  We’re not sure what we’ll have left.  The Tilapia have grown to a good size in the lake.  Now the challenge is catching them.

The following shows Dale and Patty Maki and Patty’s mom Frances McPherson.

Doris and I with our fish catch

Kathy and I were in Moscow recently and met up with a group of the friends traveling together.  Glenn and Shirley Spunagle from Redbud Canyon were with them.

Fishing wasn’t any good this morning but it sure was a beautiful morning.  Here’s the Sr Residence seen from across the lake.

We also tried fishing in the small pond.  Here’s the small pond with reflections of the trees on the other side.  There’s a fishing float somewhere in the small pond picture, but my eyes aren’t good enough to see it!


November 23, 2008


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Progress on the residence continues.  The contractor still claims it will be complete January 31, and that seems realistic.  The first resident says she’ll be moving in February 7th.  Here are some photos taken yesterday, showing the nearly completed outside and the sheetrock in the building.

Work on dredging the lake has progressed.  Fortunately the weather has been fairly dry, allowing this work to be done.  The first 3 photos below were taken from the same place standing on the dam looking over the drained lake, left to right, showing Dad and Mom’s new place, the residence and then the pecan orchard.  The last shows the back side of the dam which was covered with trees.  It will filled in so it has a 4 to 1 slope, allowing it to be mowed.

Jack Nelson began working at the pecan grove a few months ago.  The following shows Jack with his wife May.  Vincent Occhipinti happened to be visiting at the same time.

Just to keep up the red neck tradition… here’s Ronda’s dog Alex showing how he rides in her car, in front of Jack Nelson’s 5th wheel trailer.


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