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October 1, 2012

September 2012

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There are two postings this month, this one about the PG Sr. Residence, and the preceding one about the pecan harvest (for those interested).  A lot has happened in September.

Sadly, Frank’s confusion got to the point where he needed more care than we could provide.  With heavy hearts, plans were made to move him to a nursing home near his sister Jean in Florida.  Ronda flew with him from Houston to Orlando.  Jean and Philip Farris met them in Orlando and took them to the nursing home.  That was a difficult day for all of us, but it has turned out better than expected.  Frank is very happy to be near his sister, and the nursing home is giving him daily therapy which seems to have helped.  Jean sees him almost every day, takes him to meetings and sometimes to her place for a meal.  We’re sad to see him go, but glad the situation has worked out well for him there.  We miss his humor and soft spirit here.  The pictures below show him with Ronda and I just before leaving, and then him with Jean and Philip in Florida.

Ronda and her husband Mike Rosamond (who does the pecan farming), her son Brandon Chandler (who has been working on the farm) and Brandon’s family have decided to move back to Arkansas to be near their families (Rosamonds and Chandlers).  So we’ve put out a message asking for help at PG.  Then we realized that Destiny Minor (Mike’s niece who has been working part-time at the residence), is planning on staying, and wants to work full-time.  So, we’re planning on having Destiny work full-time, and Kathy (my wife) and Karin (my daughter) will take over more of the management responsibilities.  We’re still looking for someone to work on the farm, but Brandon isn’t planning on leaving till the end of the year, so we have some time to find the right person.  This will be a big change for PG.  We hope all goes well for the Rosamonds and Chandlers in McRae Arkansas.

We had 3 birthdays in September.  Jean’s (89th) must have been a hoot (I wasn’t there).  She loves Whataburger, so they loaded the PG bus with all the residents and took them to Whataburger in Willis.  The employees at Whataburger were great!  One even tried to dance with Jean!

Esther turned 97 – oldest resident, with a wonderful spirit.

Evelyn turned 86.  Visitors included the Beavers who visited Barbara.

Lyle Waldo (my cousin’s son) visited his brother Don and Jenny Waldo.  The picture shows Don, his daughter Ava and Lyle.  Jim Holmes came down to see Lyle Waldo.  Here he’s shown with his good friend (one of our residents) Betty Lawrence.

Frances McPherson’s son Richard came with Jerry Freed (Jerry on the left, Richard on the right).  Virginia’s sisters came to visit.

Janet Nicole came to visit her aunt Barbara.  Janet is also seen in the Pecan Harvest posting working at the vibrating table.  The second picture below shows a spider down by the lake, in this the bug capital of the world!

I can’t finish without some pictures of the twins!





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