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March 14, 2021

March 14 Update

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Several have contacted us asking how Lois and Marilynn are doing, so here’s an update.

Marilynn had problems with shortness of breath.  They did a chest x-ray and thought she had a small amount of pneumonia, so they started antibiotics.  Sunday the 7th she felt worse, so we took her to the hospital.  Another x-ray didn’t show pneumonia, but they thought she had congestive heart failure and increased the Lasix.  Then they did an angiogram and decided the problem is PHT (pulmonary hyper tension).  The Lasix continued to help and she was released Friday.  We picked her up and asked if she wanted lunch, which she did, so we took her for Vietnamese Pho soup!

After going down for a few weeks, Lois began to improve Tuesday, March 2, while still in the Encompass rehab hospital.  Wednesday, March 10, we moved her to the Wellington in Conroe where my dad is.  Thursday her sister, Sue Culver, and nephew, Tim Bradley, came to see her.  She is continuing to improve, and hoping to get well enough to come back here to PG.  This morning Kenny and Salena brought both Dad and Lois from the Wellington to meeting and lunch here.  There were 22 of us for lunch, so we took some pictures.  Everyone has been vaccinated, so we could be close.

Here’s Lois with Sue and Tim.  Then the residents, front row, Fern Duncan, Lois Culver, Marybelle Armstrong, Della Bolt, Marilynn Frye, Jack Newman and Clarence Roachell.  Back row, Gilbert Reese, Esther Duncan, Ronald Elliott, Alice Otken, and Elton Cleveland.

It also happens to be Dominique and Mimi’s 40th wedding anniversary.  Tim took this picture of the group that was together.

A wonderful day!


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