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May 31, 2020

May 2020

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May was an interesting month.  While Texas is slowly opening, we increased the social distancing and face masks at PG, due to CDC requirements.  Here you can see morning bible studies with residents and only 1 staff member in the great room.  The residents are spaced 6′ apart.  The staff member carries the microphone around to each one.  Others are in the kitchen, wearing face masks.    Note the new lights over the tables that Lyle and Dominique installed.  They make a big difference for residents trying to read.

All who enter the residence need to take their temperature, sanitize their hands, and wear masks.  Masks are optional for residents, so none wear them.  Meals are different also.  Breakfast is served in the residents rooms using trays.  For the other meals the residents are 6′ apart (like the bible studies above).

We have Sunday morning meeting, applying the same social distancing and mask use rules that we apply at the center.  At our place we have 3 couples that can sit together but the 8 residents and staff that come all need to be 6′ from anyone else.  That takes a lot of room.  There are sometimes 17 of us.  Here’s the room set up.

Lyle and Dale had gospel meetings here until 2 weeks ago.  Then they set up a gospel tent about an hour from here.  I don’t believe I’ve been to a tent mission since I  was a teenager.  It brought back memories!  The tent is big enough to allow social distancing between family groups, and has lots of fresh air.  We don’t take the residents.  Instead they listen by phone at the residence.

The residents are doing fairly well.  Alice is a little stronger now that we require her to take her medications.  Marybelle now uses the wheelchair all the time, but still manages to transfer in and out of it on her own.  She decided she needed to read without her glasses, but that required more light.  My brother Brent came from North Carolina to visit.  Here he’s with Lyle and Dale.

Lyle killed another coral snake, just outside the residence!  Lyle and Dale had been here since mid March, but have started moving around the field now.  We’ll sure miss their help in many ways!




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