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November 30, 2015

November 2015

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November was a wonderful month… with much to be thankful for.  Here’s a picture of our current residents and dad taken yesterday.  In front, Jean, Naomi, Esther, Teresa and Doris.  Behind, Elton, John, Raymond and Jack.

Residents and dad 2

We’re enjoying having John with us.  He’s been doing a lot of fishing.  The large bass below is 19″ long – it broke his pole.  He uses an iPad docking station to hold his bible in the morning studies… so now his bible has a keyboard!  We’re trying to tell him he can’t add to or take away…  Another pecan farmer brought pecans to clean with our equipment – John, Samuel and Jack helped.  Finally John with another (much smaller) bass.

John with bass and golf cartJohn with bible and keyboardCleaning pecansAnother bass

The Newman clan made Thanksgiving dinner for the residents without mom’s help this year.  We brought Roger from the nursing home for lunch.  The second picture is of Elton, Roger, (Katelyn behind) Esther and Naomi.

Thanksgiving dinnerElton, Roger, Esther and Naomi

Here’s the Newmans that were here for thanksgiving, our workers Jennifer and Rachel yesterday, and Elton holding Hannah.

Newman ClanJennifer and RachelElton and Hannah

Lots of visitors in November.  Jean’s brother Paul and Lois Opel visited a few times with their kids and grandkids.  This picture is with their son and his family.  We didn’t get a picture of the daughter and her family.  The second picture is of our good friends Wynesta and Steve from California.

Paul and Lois Opel and familyWynesta and Steve

Hazel Peterson came to see her first companion, Esther, with her niece and husband from Idaho.  Larry and Barbara Gough visited Naomi from Maine.

2015-11-06 10.11.24P1050068

Kolita came for a visit, shown here with Raymond.  The McSpaddens came with Marie-Claude (a French lady we met in the late 90’s), and their dog Mikky.  Here they’re with Dominique, Kathy and Samuel and Samuel’s dog Milley.

P10500732015-11-21 13.27.52

Here’s a picture of Dominique and Mireille (she goes by Mimi now) with Jean.  Mimi’s mom passed away in France… so multiple trips to France… difficult days for them.  Dominique and Mimi purchased some of the woods behind PG, named it Mille’s Woods, and built a home there.  This summer the dominos fell… they moved from the cabin into their new home, Kathy and I moved into the cabin, and Karin and Patrick sold their home in Conroe and moved into our house on Lake Conroe.  Here are some pictures of the Mille home in Mille’s Woods.

Dominique, Jean, MimiMille home backMille home from woodsMille home front

Doris and some dog I don’t recognize… the diaper does look a little large…  anyway it sure made Doris happy.  Plus some fall color… ok, this isn’t New England, but we do get some color.

Doris and dogFall color

Sorry, this isn’t related to PG… each November for 21 years now we’ve gone to Aberdeen Scotland for an oilfield conference, and to see our good friends there, especially Alex and Betty Main.  This year we arrived on Saturday and were at their home Sunday morning for the meeting.  Betty had been fighting cancer for a few years…  she was upstairs unable for the meeting… we were glad for a brief visit with her.  Betty passed away Thursday morning, while we were still there.  The first picture shows Betty with Alex last November (2014).  The second is of the meeting Sunday morning, and the third is of Alex, Mary Phimister and Kathy on Friday after Betty died.

Betty and Alex 2014Sunday morningAlex, Mary, Kathy

Barry told us that young folks have to make the most important decisions in life before they have the wisdom to choose, and old folks have to make the biggest adjustments in life, when adjustments are the hardest to make.  We think of Alex now, adjusting to life without Betty.  She will surely be missed.



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