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December 1, 2013

November 2013

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Roger is in the hospital, recovering from a procedure done on Friday to remove a mass from his bladder.  It wasn’t cancer, and the doctor said he should come home on Monday, but that didn’t seem likely when we saw him this afternoon.  Hopefully he’ll get his strength back and be home soon.  Otherwise everyone at PG is about their usual.  The pictures below are from the November union Sunday pot luck.  Josh and Dale Maki are in the second picture.  Dale received the good news in November that he is cancer free.

Pot luck on union Sunday More from pot luck

Derald and Nita Steinbrecker came back for another visit in November.  Nita sang some songs she’d written, and had her birthday while with us.

Nita SingingNita and Derald - Nita's birthday

Mom’s brother and wife, Lynn and Florence Fuller from PA came to visit.  They’re shown here with my brother Brent and his wife Ann.  The last time Lynn and Florence were here (January 2012) Naomi “died” the first time… and Lynn fell on her and woke her up.  If you don’t recall that story and are interested… click back to the January 2012 post and read the paragraph about half way down.  Our sisters this year are Jennifer and Hannah (2nd picture).

Lynn Florence Brent Ann Jennifer and Hannah

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with 26 of us at the residence and another dozen or so at the Hoffman residence.  Betty’s nephew, Scott Lee and his wife Brenda and son Oliver came with Joyce.  Some played games and fished.

Joyce Brenda Scott and Betty Playing Games Oliver and Don fishing



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