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June 30, 2013

June 2013

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Everyone at PG is doing fairly well.  Teresa uses a wheel chair most of the time now, not because she can’t walk, but because she’s afraid of falling again.  When she needs to walk she does.  Esther had some bad days in June, but seems to be back to normal now.

We’ve had more changes in staff in June.  Virginia McKnight resigned, and Salena Thorburn joined the staff.  Salena is our son Kenny’s girlfriend, and is a full-time Aggie (student at Texas A&M), during the school year.  A&M is about 70 miles from PG, so Salena stays in the bunk house when she’s working.  She won’t be able to work full-time once school starts, but she’s hoping to continue working weekends.  Brisy is also planning on going to school full-time starting this fall, so we’ll be losing two out of four of our full-time staff.  The following pictures are of Virginia when she was leaving, and of Salena and Kenny.

Virginia's leavingIMG_5555

Steve and Arlene Gates, And Aggie and Tom Borgeson visited from north central PA.  They know several of our residents.  Below they’re shown with Naomi.  Also, Don Reynolds spent a few days with us on his way from Korea back to Bolivia.  He knows Esther very well… told stories about her when he was a kid in north west Ohio… she cried at the good memories… sure hated to see him go!   He’s shown with Esther below.

Steve Arlene Naomi Angie DonEsther and Don

Doris turned 90 in June.  Now 6 of our 10 residents are 90 or over!  Kathy and I visited Kathy’s relatives in the Phoenix area including her aunt Marjorie Willumsen.  While with Marjorie we visited an assisted living home with 10 residents run by some of the friends.  One of the residents is Willis Propp, who was in our home in France in the early 90’s.  The following picture shows Kathy with Willis and Marjorie.

Doris turns 90Kathy Willis Marjorie

Walter and Arlis Craighton (Salena’s grandparents) and their son Les spent a few days at PG… we didn’t get their picture.

It’s exceptionally hot here, and we have about half of the average yearly precipitation, but so far the pecans are looking good.  Terry and Samuel have just begun irrigating the pecan trees from the lake.  Hopefully we won’t run out of water in the lake like we did in 2011!

No pictures of the twins… if you’re interested look at Brendan and Karla Furrow’s blog listed at the upper right.



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