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April 28, 2008

Spring at the farm

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The lily pads on the lake have started to bloom.


On March 29th the wisteria was blooming under the bird house… and the bees were busy!

Dad on Mini-bike

Terry on Mower

Karla and Kenny Ride the Go Kart

Work and play on the rest of the farm continues.

Broken Go-Kart

We break things and fix things….

John, Karen and Ellouise Richardson

John, Karen and Elouise Richardson came over to help us understand pecan farming.

Baby Pecans

The three small brown dots are pollinated, baby pecans!

Darren Bryan and Dean Kolp

Darren Bryan gets a lecture from Dean Kolp.

Making a Cut in the Dam

We’re draining down the lake somewhat to work on the dam. We’ve put a serious dent in the beaver population… but there are still more… damming up our cut in the dam. The largest beaver trapped so far was 80 lb!

We’re tearing out an old barbed wire fence to replace it with a new one. We’re preparing the field on the back side of the fence for 3 horses.


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