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January 31, 2022

January 2022

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This year got off to a little bit of a rocky start for our residents. We have had two ER visits. First, Marie had a stroke. She came out for breakfast and then when we went to call her for lunch, she was complaining of dizziness.  She said she may have had a stroke, so we called 911. The doctors said that the stroke did not have anything to do with the brain tumor she has had for a few years.  She recovered fairly quickly has been doing well since. Here is a picture of Marie looking chipper, once she finally got settled into a hospital room.

Marilynn was our second resident to visit the ER month. She had a fall in her bathroom and landed hard on her left knee. X-rays confirmed that she fractured her patella (knee cap), so she has been taking it easy in a wheel chair with her leg out stretched in order to heal.  Lastly, Esther Duncan spent several weeks in TN visiting and having dental work done.  While there she contracted covid, but fortunately wasn’t too sick.  She returned to PG last week, and is very happy to be back.

Lois, still in Park Manor nursing home, has been recovering from covid this week. She had no symptoms except fatigue. Many visited her during the month.  Unfortunately she has made little progress with physical therapy, so it seems likely she will be staying at Park Manor.  On the left and center are pictures of her visiting with Marie and Anita before the covid scare; on the right is her most recent photo during Salena’s visit Sunday.  She’s still in the covid wing of the nursing home, so visiting is difficult with full PPE.  Hopefully she will be moved out of the covid wing later this week.  Without Lois we have 8 residents (see the updated list using the link in the upper right corner).

Lois’s sister, Sue Culver, from KY and their nephew, Tim Bradley, came to visit Lois and stayed at PG.  Here they are at PG… we don’t have a picture of them with Lois.  Clarence Mounce is in our field with Rich Raschke.  When Rich went to New Mexico for special meetings, Clarence stayed with the Overbys here on the farm for awhile.  Here’s a group of us with Clarence at the Overbys one evening.  The fire pit wasn’t needed!  Unfortunately Clarence has health problems that need treatment by his doctors in the Austin area, so he is there now.

We have had several other visitors this month. Our first visitors came on the first of the year! They must have been anxious to see us! The Taylors came to visit a few of the workers that they knew well; Rex and Martha and their daughter, Brittany. Here they are sitting with Fern, Alice and Marilynn.   Roger and Cheryl Anderson visited from Minnesota, shown here with another Minnesotan, Marilynn.  Diann Newhouse and Sue Dawson came to this area for a funeral and came by PG for a visit.

Della’s grandson, Mark visited.  Elton’s grand daughter, Leah Griffin, with husband, Daron, and daughter Isla came from GA.  Daron’s mother, Cheryl Griffin, sister, Angela Schroeder and her husband Theron and their 3 kids Everett, Lewis and Camille came also. Elton enjoyed his great-granddaughter Isla!

Elton’s son, David, (Leah’s father) is here now from PA.  Kathy’s sister, Pat Johnson, (Iowa) and aunt, Jane Jacobsen (Montana – stays near here during the winter) and Ty Nordic are in the middle picture.  Ty and Amy Nordic live a few miles from PG.  Ty has been coming to the morning bible studies and then leading us in exercises after the study.  Most of the residents are able to participate in the exercises.  Nelson and Heather Whelan visited again from Ken’s home area in MD.

Della turned 89 in January.  We had some animal visitors, Ty brought his horse for a ride at PG and visited the residents.  Shawn and Anita brought their dog Bayla also.

Thanks for your interest in PG.

Ken and Kenny

December 31, 2021

December 2021

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December is always a big month; with holidays, birthdays, and many visitors, there was more activity than we could shake a stick at! At the beginning of the month Lois had a very bad fall. Kenny found her on the floor just before lunch and Kathy took her to the ER because she was complaining about not being able to move her right arm. They found that she had dislocated her right shoulder and fractured a bone near her shoulder. After a day in the hospital she was moved to Park Manor skilled nursing, where Gilbert is. She is receiving three types of therapy daily: speech, physical and occupational. Here’s a photos of her on her 94th birthday and having lunch with Gilbert!  She received a good report about her arm from the doctor today, so they will start including arm movement in her therapy.  Speaking of 94th birthdays, Ronald also turned 94 this month.

December has also been a time for many visitors here at Pecan Grove. We started with a lunch visit from two North Texas friends, Alison Potter and Kimberly Klor! Here they are with Marie, Lois and Alice. You may remember Kimberly’s daughter Jaida who worked with us for a few months. Soon afterwards, Alice’s family came for a few days. Her niece, Barbara Davies, and her husband, Lyle, as well as another niece, Carol Martin, and her husband Michael, pictured right.

Next we had a short visit from two more of our North Texas friends, Kay Montgomery and Laurie Jagielski. They know Marilynn, Alice and Marie, who were delighted for the special visit. Here they are with Ronald posing for the picture as well!  Gilbert has a friendly roommate, Daniel.  When Gilbert can’t remember, Daniel answers for him.

Next we had a blast from the past, with a couple visiting from Georgetown, Jan and Larry Pierce. They know all of the residents, as well as most of us out here on the farm. Here are some pictures of them with Alice, Kenny and the Overby’s.

We might have to start giving out a “frequent visitor” awards, because the Hapner’s have definitely earned it. They come pretty regularly to visit, and we enjoy them every time! This time Becky brought her daughter Adelia, and her two friends Saige and Julia Uzzell for a visit.  Della’s family, Mike, Chris, Adam, Lane and Riley visited.  Wendell Wilson came and took Ronald out to lunch.

We were happy to have Mona Reece join us for a few days over Christmas. She came to see her old companions, Marilynn and Marie, and she took some of the  residents to visit Lois, Gilbert and Jack on Christmas day.  The first picture is of Mona with Marie and Marilynn.  The second picture is Mona with us for Christmas dinner.  The next day Kameron and his shorter brother, Kenion Bryant, came.  We thought Kenion was tall!  In the last picture they are at the table with Luis Rosas (who used to work at PG).

Kathy’s sister, Pat Johnson, is here visiting over the New Year.  Here she is with Ken’s father Jack.  We had a holiday dinner for the staff that work at PG.  From the left its Kathy, Shawn, Anita, Abigail, Mimi, Dominique, Salena and Kenny.  Ken took the picture.  Ty and Amy Nordic have been coming to our morning bible studies.  Afterward Ty leads us through some exercises.  Most of the residents are able and glad to participate.

Today, New Year’s Eve, we mowed grass!  Too warm for New Year’s!  The grass should be brown!  Deborah and Jimmie Vann (Cameron) were driving by, noticed the Pecan Grove sign over the entry, and stopped in for a visit.  Deborah knows Della’s daughters well. Cliff, Alejandra, Kaleb, Kristen, Kate and Kaelynn Skilbred (Edinburg TX), and Joy Rosas (Pearland) came for lunch.  Rich Raschke went to New Mexico for special meetings leaving Clarence Mounce alone in this field.  He’s staying with the Overby’s here on the farm today.

Kenny and Salena put on a fireworks display this evening.  Here’s Ronald and Dominique cooking sausage or marshmallows, Emma Mille shooting a roman candle, the group watching fireworks. and Ronald, Wayne Overby and Shawn at the table.

Happy New Year!

Ken and Kenny

November 30, 2021

November 2021

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Most at PG are doing well.  November has been a tough month for Lois. She recently came down with Bronchitis, and has just finished an antibiotic regiment for it. Her sinuses have definitely cleared up, but the experience has been quite tiresome. Her lack of sleep and general tiredness has really taken a toll on her cognition and balance. She has had several falls,  but thankfully no broken bones or bruises to speak of.  She’s overly cautious and unsure of herself.  She is now getting physical and occupational therapy. We hope that will help.

We have had several visitors this month. Starting with a Becky Hapner and her father Dennis Thompson (pictured here with the Overbys). Kenny’s long time friend Austin Meyer drove in from the Georgetown area to spend a weekend with us and came to PG for a lunch visit.

Fern and Elton also enjoyed a visit from Fred Adadjo, from New York but now working in Taylor Texas,  pictured here with the Milles, Rich and Clarence, Elton, and Fern

David and Joanna Brown and their daughter Josie along with friend Caleb Rodriguez from Canyon TX visited, shown here with Marilynn and Rich. Lois enjoyed a long visit with a couple who professed in her meetings long ago, Pat and Linda Bly from Missouri. Della was surprised by her daughter and husband Della Mae and Robert Bryant. They also brought Della’s great grand son Jonathan Stewart for a few hours visit; pictured right.

Two other families came for a long visit, the Durkee’s: Darryl and Goldie, and their son Jason. They are related to Marie and Clarence Mounce; pictured left. Also the Rice’s: Wes, Kristi, Larkin, Lorali, and Ashton. pictured center (Kristi was a Mounce). Elton was very pleased to learn that the girls played piano, and captured a picture of their duet! (pictured right)

Marilynn Frye’s birthday was on the 17th! She turned 78 years young and was surprised by her two good friends Nadine Throgmorton and Jennifer Bartels, pictured either side of her.  Marilynn has been having “tea parties” in her room with some of the ladies, so Salena made her a tea pot birthday cake!

Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving! We rounded out our month with a hungry gathering of 25 thankful people  Both Jack and Gilbert were able to join us, as well as the Furrows.  After lunch each told what they were thankful for and then we had a hymn sing.

Fall is in full swing here in Texas. The boys are excited to finally put away the lawn mowers for the winter! Still, there is plenty of work to be done, here are some pictures of the repair work being done to our pier and bridges. Marie Mounce has settled in nicely and enjoys baking and cooking. Here she is making a Louisiana staple: Shrimp Étouffée! 

Thanks for your interest in us here.  Happy Holidays.

Kenny & Ken


October 31, 2021

October 2021

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October is always a joyful month, and one we look forward to each year.  Not only because of the many birthdays, but also because of the promise of convention.  This year was extra special because of how long we have gone without a full convention.  Before convention, Elton’s daughter, Karen, came to celebrate his 104th birthday. She was able to stay for a few weeks which gave her plenty of time catch up and chat with each of the residents. Her brother, David, came just before Elton’s birthday and stayed with him through Georgetown convention.  After Elton’s birthday Karen returned to her field in Colombia.  Here are a few pictures of them together on Elton’s birthday.

Salena  went all out for Elton’s cake, she wanted to capture “memories” as the theme. Elton famously always has his camera out, wanting to capture the moment; so Salena made him a display board with dozens of black and white photos of his family!  The photo ribbon on the cake was made of sugar.  Needless to say there were many happy tears shed.

Our next birthdays were right after Elton’s… Abigail(23) and Anita (54)!  This gave Salena a challenge to come up with more creative cakes that were unique, like these ladies! Abigail’s was an autumn spice cake that was Lord of The Rings theme, and Anita’s was a mango cream sponge cake. Both were excellent and well received.  Abigail’s grandparents, Kent and Linda Opel also joined us.  Here are some photos of the two happy birthday girls and a few guests.  Abigail is 81 years younger than Elton!

We have also enjoyed many special visitors this month. Chuck and Teresa Bunger stopped by with an old family friend… Rebekah Murray. The Murray family used to live near the Newman’s many years ago on Lake Conroe. Their children grew up together for several years, and there are many fond memories of time spent together with them.  Rebecca is the youngest of the 4 Murray children.  She now lives in Ecuador. It was extra special for Karin and Karla and their families to be able to join us out here as well. Rebecca’s brother Daniel Murray (who lives with his family in Fiji) came through the day after she left!  He didn’t get to PG but we saw him in a visit so included the last picture in the set below which shows him with Kathy, John and Karen Hughes and Chuck and Teresa Bunger.

Rebekah wasn’t our only blast from the past this month. George and Maureen Aliprindi came from Connecticut to see Elton and a few of the workers from the east. They mentioned that Elton had helped them move at one point. Also, Larry and Linda Allen stopped by to say hello from Amarillo. It is always nice to see how fondly the residents are remembered by others!

Andrea and Matt Jensen and Cheston Stidolph visited the Milles and the residence.  Andrea and Marilynn had been co-workers.  After Mountain, Peak Joyce Lawrence came for a visit.  We had our to grandsons, Evren and Emry Furrow with us.

This year of the residents and staff were able to go to convention except for Della and Fern. Fern has been having trouble sleeping recently and has been tired most days. Della is still having some discomfort with her bladder trouble, and did not feel up to riding for three hours in a car. Fortunately, the conventions have a call in number for those who cannot make it; so the Milles were able to stay and set up the conference call for the two ladies.  The next week they attended Mountain Peak.  Here is a picture of them eating together between meetings.

For those residents who could go to convention, Georgetown turned out to be more wonderful than they had hoped. Lois did have a tough time adjusting to the new surroundings, and this caused her to get her days and nights mixed up. Aside from that they all really enjoyed the chance for fellowship and catching up with old friends. Here are a few conventions pictures and one from the travel.

Marie Mounce has finally come back to stay! Her sister Verena McFadden and good friend June Stafford accompanied her home and helped her settle in. We took new resident and some staff photos before Marie came.

Jack and Gilbert are still doing well, here are some pictures of them with special visitors.

Thanks for your interest in us here!

Kenny & Ken


September 30, 2021

September 2021

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September has been a cooler month, mostly because of the much needed rain we’ve been having. We finally managed to get our pecan tree irrigation system working, the day it started raining!  These cooler days are great, especially for those residents who enjoy their early morning walks!

Fern has been concerned with a growing pain in her left arm, the side most associated with heart problems. She mentioned that it was radiating to her chest as well, so Salena offered to take her to the hospital. She was reluctant to go because of the long wait times, but was worried enough to finally go. Here is a picture of an exhausted Fern after having waited hours to finally get a bed.

They ran several tests on her and found spondylosis on multiple levels of her cervical spine. This means the nerves are being compressed and causing the arm pain. The doctor recommended physical therapy and she has been responding well to the therapy and chiropractic treatments. Fern was pleasantly surprised by a few visitors this month. Dub and Cindy Johnson long time friends of Fern came to give the residents hand made quilts and masks! How thoughtful! Here is a picture of Fern and the Johnsons as well as Fern smiling while talking with an old companion Sherdenia.


Fern was not the only resident to get a few visitors either.  Old friends of Pecan Grove: Samuel and Conchita Valdez along with his brother and sister-in-law Noe and Malena came for a brief visit with everyone. Ty Nordics parents, Gary and Sharon stayed with us a few nights while preparing for their granddaughter Shanaye’s wedding.  Gillian and Wendall Wilson came to visit Ronald.

Elton’s daughter, Karen Cleveland is in town for his 104th birthday next month. More of the family will be joining us closer to the day (Oct 10th). His son David will be traveling with him to Georgetown English the following week. Here are a few pictures of father and daughter hanging out together and sharing one of Elton’s prized possessions: chocolate!


We told Karen we didn’t have the normal number of pictures for today’s blog post, and she sent us some she’s been taking:

We visited Mr. Gilbert today.  He was in good form.  He was SO thankful to receive a workers list from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.  What a wonderful spirit.

Not all of our guests this month have been human. Fall is bird migration season here in Texas and this month we have had several unique species show up on the grounds. Kenny decided to dust off an old humming bird feeder and hang it back up. Within hours it was swarming with guests! Here are some quick shots of them landing to drink.

The residents have really enjoyed being able to watch them flit overhead. We also have a pair of bald eagles nesting near the pond and several egrets that like to fish from the shore! Ken saw what looks like a hawk while mowing. Here are a few pictures we managed to capture.

All of the residents are doing well but are anxiously waiting for convention. We’re all getting our covid booster shots… and looking forward to Georgetown.  Some will go to GT Spanish. Most will go to GT English.

Kenny & Ken

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