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June 1, 2013

May 2013

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Barbara finished her course in May.  Rita Miller came back down from Indiana and traveled with Barbara in a medical transport to a nursing home in Indiana.  Barbara was there less than a week when she died.  Rita told Barbara when they crossed the Texas line that they were leaving Texas, and Barbara clapped her hands!  She was glad to be going home in more ways than one.  If anyone would like notes from her funeral, contact me by email.  The following pictures show Rita, Leona, Virginia, Ken and Kathy at PG with a bouquet of flowers Rita made, and the medical transport which was used for Barbara.

Rita, Leona, Virginia, Ken, Kathy Medical Transport

The day after Barbara and Rita left, Teresa Goff fell and broke her hip.  They put in 3 screws, sent her to rehab, and then sent her home in just over 2 weeks.  She’s using a walker and wheel chair, but seems to be recovering fine.

Other visitors included Lorraine Pope and Betty Goss from San Antonio, and Jeffrey and Brigit Batson who visited Mary Jane.

Lorraine and Betty Jeffrey and Brigit Batson with Mary Jane Pike

Keith and Joyce Ann Freeman came to visit Barbara, but just missed her.  Here they are with our workers, Sara and Sharon.  Also, a picture of the turtles sunning themselves in the lake (Esther still calls it a river).

Sara, Sharon, Joyce Ann and Keith Turtles

Kathy and the twins had birthdays in May (the first for the twins).  The pictures show Karin  and Kathy with a beautiful Italian Cream cake Mom (Leona) had made, and the twins playing on our “beach” at our Lake Conroe home.  Normally the water should be 3 ft higher, so we wouldn’t have a beach, but our drought conditions continue.

Karin and Kathy Twins on beach

Union meeting followed by pot luck is always a big day for the residents.  Here’s they’re shown getting food (Patty Maki helping her Mom, Ann Newman helping Bea).  Also there’s a picture of Conchita and Samuel taken the same day.

Pot Luck Conchita and Samuel

Linda Ronharr (who was the manager at PG for the first few years) visited Frank Porter in the nursing home in Florida.  Also Ronda  (my sister who was the manager after Linda) and Mike were down from Arkansas (with their current “kids”).

Frank and Linda Ronda and Mike

Following up from last month on Mary Jane’s weeding… Dianne Barbour sent her the frog statue shown.  Unfortunately MJ keeps forgetting who sent it to her.  She started pulling up poison ivy recently!  The wild flowers finished up in May and now it’s hot!

Mary Jane with Frog Wild Flowers



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