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February 1, 2013

January 2013

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2013 is off to a good start at PG.  Most of the 11 residents are doing well.  Esther Potts is in the hospital again with congestive heart failure.  She went in thinking she had had a heart attack, but that wasn’t the case.  As soon as they drained the fluid off she felt better and wanted to come home.  They’re keeping her for a few days to adjust her medications.  I had one of the best visits I’ve had with her in her room in ICU yesterday morning.  She felt bad she’d miss Roger’s birthday Saturday (she remembered it was Roger’s birthday, I didn’t!).  She talked about her memories of and appreciation for Evelyn Kuck, wishing she could be at Evelyn’s funeral in Clarksville Ohio, also on Saturday.  Her memory was so much clearer than normal… we’re wondering if the oxygen they were giving her might have made the difference?  Maybe it would help my memory?

We had more staff changes in January.  Cindy Erickson, who was the longest term employee, decided to leave.  Her upbeat, joking and caring presence is certainly missed.  PG is a much quieter place!  The first picture below is of Cindy with her husband Bob, and Bob’s sister Muriel who is in the work in Washington.  Samuel Valdez’s niece, Breseida (Brisy) Valdez (20), has joined us, replacing Cindy.  Brisy was raised in the US, so is able to help Conchita and Samuel with English.  The picture below is of Brisy with her parents, Noe and Magdalena.  The order is Noe, Brisy, Magdalena, Conchita and Samuel.


Barbara and Frances had birthdays in January.  In the picture below Frances is with Dale and Patty Maki.  Patty is Frances’s daughter.

Barbara's birthday Frances and Makis

Our daughter, Karla Furrow, comes to PG once a week and does exercises with the residents.  Here they are stretching yellow elastic bands.  The twins are sitting at Karla’s feet.  Joyce and Emma visited for a few days.  Joyce’s mom Betty Lawrence is one of our residents.

Exercise class Joyce and Emma

The first picture below shows our other daughter, Karin Kelleher, with her husband Patrick, and Karla’s twins.  Karin is the assistant manager at PG.  The second photo is of a local Chinese friend, LiPing, who comes sometimes and cooks wonderful Chinese food for us.  She’s also holding Karla’s twins.

Patrick and Karin with Twins LiPing and twins

Burning the burn pile safely can be a challenge, especially with all the dry weather we’ve had.  We’re now using one of the sprayers to spray water around the pile as it burns.  We’re getting more than deer at our deer feeder!  These small wild hogs are cute.  The big ones are not cute!  This motion sensitive camera has taken a lot of pictures of them, almost all late at night.  So far we haven’t been able to kill any.  We’ve also got pictures of coons, crows, a bob cat, and a lot of deer.

Burn pile P00-250-329-256-432-006h-0275-c11-l059-02-0360-1080-0359-1079-000-LB00-0




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